Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Under Fire for Pro-Trump Statement!

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During the unbelievably nightmarish, totally traumatic election season ...

Sorry, let's just take a quiet moment to ourselves to practice some breathing exercises and gather ourselves after remembering the election season.

... OK, are we good now? Have we healed?

Let's move on.

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During the unbelievably nightmarish, totally traumatic election season, the Duggars were mostly very quiet about which candidate they were voting for.

Derick Dillard did reveal that he was voting for Donald Trump, but other than that, the family kept their picks for president to themselves.

Normally we'd just go ahead and assume that the Duggars would be voting for the Republican candidate, given their conservative views, but things were a little different this time around.

Mostly because the Republican candidate was a gross, vulgar monster who, despite his many claims, went against everything the Duggars have always said they believed in.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

But if the election taught us anything, it was that you can always count on people to surprise you. And not in a good way.

And so judging by this new Facebook post on the Duggar Family Official page, it looks like the family really was on Trump's side all along.

As Jim Bob and Michelle wrote in the post, "Evangelicals played a huge role in Donald Trump becoming our new President this week. We all know that we need to see our country turn back to God."

We'll take another moment here for your head to stop spinning, and if your brain exploded, go ahead and take some time to clean that mess up.

The notion that Donald Trump could turn the U.S. back to God is just so massively wrong in so very many ways, isn't it?

Donald Trump in Trump Tower

But still, the Duggars insist that "As a new president takes office, we need to take advantage of this opportunity to teach our kids about God's grace on our nation."

And here's the point of all this mess ...

"It's why Mike Huckabee's team at Learn Our History created the kids DVD, One Nation Under God, and right now they're giving it way for free at [insert Duggar propaganda link here]."

The Duggars are pushing these DVDs because "too few children know the story of God's role in American history," and the DVDs are free because "every child has a right to know."

Jim Bob and Michelle call these productions "positive, patriotic and faith-based lessons that your children or grandchildren will learn."

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Selfie

And hey, "Whether you choose to place an order or not, please be sure your kids are learning about God's role in American history."

So there are a couple of issues with this.

One, the previously mentioned hilariously misguided thought that Trump will somehow turn the U.S. into some theocracy.

And two, the fact that this whole DVD operation seems to be a bit of a scam -- it's one of those "give your credit card information and get something for free, but figure out how to cancel our we'll charge you forever" deals.

And people are here for none of it.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar Picture

"If you are hoping Trump will bring the country to God you are going to be disappointed," one fan wrote. "You need an actual Godly Christian witness to do that, and Trump is a blasphemy of Christ's teaching."

"What do you mean, 'turn back to God'" another asked. "An administration under Trump will NOT teach children to 'turn back to God.' He built his campaign on racism, sexism, and violence."

About those DVDs, one person wrote "It's awesome. But their dvd has never been free. Wish they were and I'd get one for kids. Wish Christians especially wouldn't spread falsities like that, cause people trust you."

The shade of it all!

And the crushing disappointment and the all-encompassing fear. Don't forget those.

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