Duggar Family: Supporting Donald Trump While Condemning His Lifestyle?

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It's been a tough election season for voters of an evangelical stripe.

Usually, the GOP serves up some Corinthians-quoting loaf of sentient Wonder Bread to ensure the support of non-millionaires who are kept up nights by the thought of married gay couples barging into their homes, confiscating their guns, and using the weapons to force pregnant women into abortion clinics.

This year, however, Republicans threw their base a big orange curveball that wants to grope every part of your strike zone:

Donald Trump on the Stump

Soon after it became apparent that he had a real chance to shock the world (and himself) by securing his party's nomination, Donald Trump began to court evangelicals by paying lip service to traditional conservative Christian beliefs.

It was a tough sell from the start, and it became even more difficult to convince voters that this foulmouthed, thrice-married billionaire is a champion of family values once his "grab 'em by the p--sy" policy became public knowledge.

One family who seems a bit torn by the conflict between Trump's campaign promises and every single other thing about the man is reality TV's Duggar clan.

You might know them from 19 Kids and Counting, the Josh Duggar sex scandals, or their ongoing post-scandal replacement series, the bafflingly-titled, Counting On.

Duggar Family Reunion Pic

No one who has anything other than 1,700 versions of the Bible on their Kindle has ever had that many kids (fact, we looked it up), so needless to say, the Duggars are quite conservative on social matters.

But Donald Trump has been accused of groping a porn star and he tweets about sex tapes at 3 am.

Endorsing him isn't exactly a great look for a family that's still coping with the fallout of its own recent sex scandal.

But if you thought that would stop the Dugz from throwing support behind the Cheeto-fingered predator their party nominated, you don't know the American political climate in 2016.

Donald Trump at the Third Debate

We already knew that Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard would be voting for Trump.

Now, it seems the rest of the family has also reluctantly decided to back the Donald - but they've decided to continue to let Der do the talking.

The Duggars have close ties to both Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, both of whom previously opposed Trump's run for office, but have since expressed their support for the human throbbing forehead vein of American politics.

Insiders say the Duggars have followed suit, but will continue to have Derick do the talking, so as not to alienate members of their ever-shrinking audience who actually hold the beliefs that the Duggars adhere to when it's convenient.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

"Voting for Trump doesn't = condoning his lifestyle. It just means agreeing with more of his policies than Clinton's," Derick tweeted earlier this week...

...as though we've suddenly been plunged into the heart of a bizarro land where evangelical voters suddenly don't care about the perceived moral failings of their elected officials.

Sources say the other Duggars have privately echoed Derick's sentiments, but their beliefs have more to do with maintaining hard-earned political alliances than with their belief in Trump as a candidate.

Josh Duggar-Ted Cruz Photo

However, there's one member of the extended Duggar clan who seems more than a bit troubled by the possibility of a Trump presidency: Jessa Duggar's husband, Ben Seewald.

In recent weeks, Seewald has expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, told white Christians to "wake up" with regard to racial injustice in America, and publicly shared his doubts about Trump's fitness to hold the highest office in the land:

"Trump's 2005 remarks about women is completely contrary to everything that we believe in as Christians," Seewald recently tweeted, demonstrating both a willingness to think for himself and a poor understanding of subject-verb agreement.

He later added:

"Evangelicals don’t trust Clinton with SCOTUS or executive orders and Trump with nuclear codes or our wives."

So it remains unclear who Seewald will vote for, but he's clearly no great fan of Trump's.

Reached for comment, we imagine Trump would say that he's happy to have the Duggars' support.

Not because they're influential conservative Christians, but because Omarosa convinced him he had the reality star bloc locked up, but he has his doubts since losing the Kimye vote.

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