Jenelle Evans: REFUSING to Film Teen Mom 2?!

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If you follow any of them on social media, you know that the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise all threaten to quit the show on a regular basis.

Their complaint is usually about how they're portrayed to audiences, and no one has griped about the way Teen Mom 2 is edited more than Jenelle Evans.

According to Jenelle, fans see her as a short-tempered, irrational, unfit mother simply because she show's producers craft narratives out of whole cloth and cut the episodes to make her appear that way.

Jenelle in Court

We guess the judge who decided to grant custody of Jenelle's first son to her mother, Barbara Evans, must be a big of the series!

Anyway, Jenelle threatens to quit about once a month.

Obviously, she's bluffing, because she's about to be a mother of three, and there's no way she's about to enter the workforce for a tenth of her current salary at this point in her life.

But apparently the threat of being forced to get a real job isn't enough to keep Jenelle from biting the hand that feeds her.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason and Baby Bump

Jenelle reportedly brought filming to a stand still recently, when she refused to continue shooting:

“Jenelle refused to film until they changed the way they were doing things,” a production source tells Radar Online.

“She told producers that they capitalize on all her drama and she was sick of it."

The source claims problems arose when Jenelle saw a promo for an upcoming episode that depicted her in a negative light.

David Eason Holding Jenelle Evans' Baby Bump

“In the promos for the show, they always show happy moments for the other girls with their kids, but she said if it was a promo involving her it's all drama and stuff that makes her look bad,” says the insider.

“So Jenelle put her foot down. She had a huge fight with the team and told them she was not going to film anything else. She was ready to walk away from the show."

Sounds to us like Jenelle doesn't quite understand what makes the show popular.

Complaining that producers focus on her drama too much is like Kim Kardashian complaining about people looking at her butt.

Drama is what made you famous, Jenelle!

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

Amazingly, it seems her tantrum was actually effective:

“She was so mad. She said they never show any of the good peaceful stuff or give her ANY positive time at all," says the insider.

“Jenelle made them rearrange editing. So the last two episodes have been better for her.

"She even made them delete some of the things that had been put on social media that were negative about her. She just refused to film until they fixed some things.”

On-set spats are so common on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 that unlike other reality shows, the franchise regularly features its producers on camera.

Jenelle Evans Promotes Weight Loss Tea

Usually they're just talking the girls down during some sort of crisis, but sometime they're getting assaulted by Farrah Abraham.

However, despite frequent altercations, as far as we know, this is the first time one of the girls actually affected change by throwing a fit.

Jenelle may have just set a dangerous precedent.

And we may be in for some seriously boring installments of Teen Mom 2.

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