Coco Austin and Baby Chanel: We Wear Matching Bikinis!

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Coco Austin knows a lot about fashion and she wants the world to know that. 

The reality TV star took to Instagram to show herself and her 13-month-old baby daughter, Chanel, hitting the pool in matching bikinis. 

Coco and Chanel at the Pool

The proud mother was indulging in some mother-daughter time with Chanel, who she gave birth to in November 2015. 

As you probably already know, Coco has been slammed on social media for apparently not looking after her baby. That's not something any mother wants to hear about their parenting skills. 

Most of the hate seemed to stem from Coco pretty much littering her social media accounts with pictures of her baby. Now, there's some parents who like to keep their kids out of the public eye. 

Coco Austin Takes Chanel to the Pool

But there are others who are so proud of their little bundles of joy that they want to the world to see them. 

Coco definitely falls into the latter, and she took all of it in her stride when she fired back at the haters for trashing her. She did not like that people were assuming because she had money, she did not do anything. 

Coco's husband, however, revealed that he LOVES taking pictures of his daughter and showing her off to everyone. 

People will kick up a storm about absolutely anything on social media, so Coco being on the rear end of a torrent of abuse was not all that surprising. 

Coco Austin Hits the Pool

Hey, it's not like Coco has a reality TV show to use to show off her family these days, so the next best thing to that is keeping fans updated about your life on social media. 

Either way, Coco matching her baby was a cute gesture and the pair looked super happy in the pictures shared on Instagram. 

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