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Did Stefan and Damon succeed in their quest to find some of the worst people on the planet for Cade?

That was their plan on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 8, but they quickly realized they were in for a tough time of it on the road. 

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Finding the worst people was becoming a bit of a drag for Damon, but Stefan just seemed to rise to the occasion at every opportunity. 

They came across a doctor named Tara, who had a seemingly perfect past. She also had a striking resemblance to Elena, but we’ll not even go there. This show needs to shut up about Elena Gilbert until she actually returns. 

Tara’s parents had been killed by a drunk driver and it seemed like she was investing all of her time into work and charities. That’s what drew the brothers to her. 

The Brothers Reunite On The Vampire Diaries
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They seemed to think that she was hiding something dark and if they exposed it, she would be a solid candidate for Cade. As always, Stefan seemed to think it was a good idea to knock Damon out and ask for her help. 

At the hospital, Stefan was quick to lie that Damon murdered her parents after some failed attempts at using his looks to get her to do what he wanted. 

Damon lay on the bed and played the role of a defenseless person, apologizing for the crime he did not commit. Eventually, Tara decided that murder was on the cards, but she decided against it at the last second and told Stefan to leave. 

In fact, she only told him to leave so she could murder Damon with Stefan knowing. It was a solid move and she thought she murdered Damon. 

While Tara was doing some faux murdering, Stefan noticed there was something odd about Damon’s behavior and found Elena’s necklace with his belongings. 

When Damon and Stefan confronted Tara, Stefan turned the tables on Damon and said he knew he only picked Tara because her resemblance to Elena. 

Damon denied it and had to throw the necklace out of the car at high speed to let Stefan think that things were all okay. The brothers then killed Tara and delivered her to Cade. 

The next morning, Damon went back to the spot where he threw the necklace and asked a community service worker if he knew where it was. 

Damon found it and clocked eyes on a group of inmates doing community service, so he returned to Stefan to tell him, but Stefan had already murderd half of the hospital. 

Somehow, Stefan is not redeemable anymore and it’s time for him to die. This is just getting out of hand now.

Elsewhere, Caroline was sent to the school to do a report, but it turned out that Sybil was the new history teacher and had all of the class under her spell. 

She wanted Caroline to find a mysterious artifact for her. She had all of the school kids under strict orders to kill one another if Caroline failed. 

The plan lead them to Caroline’s basement because it turned out that the object was in Elena’s parents’ car the night they died. 

Seline left a note in the basement, saying that she already had the onject. Sybil then proved she was the worst villain ever and told the school kids to kill one another. 

Matt and his deadbeat dad saved them, but it seemed a little too easy. Now, we need to contemplate why the Gilberts had the object that night. 

Matt's Father Is Back on The Vampire Diaries!
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Also, why the heck did Caroline forget about the crash on Wickery Bridge? That’s a bad friend right there. 

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