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It is so totally on between Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez.

In the best, most sexy way possible!

Earlier this week, Gomez was spotted out on a date with The Weeknd.

Multiple sources confirmed that the artists enjoyed a private dining experience at a hotspot in Los Angeles, with cameras capturing them kissing and hugging on the sidewalk shortly after the meal was over.

An insider says they then went back to Selena’s home to presumably… get to know each other bed.

Bella Hadid Relaxes
Photo via Instagram

Hubba. Hubba.

That was our reaction, at least.

But Hadad has seemingly responded in a very different way, unfollowing Gomez on Instagram in light of Selena not just dating The Weeknd – but being so open about it.

You see, Hadid and The Weeknd were a romantic item for nearly two years, splitting up in late 2016.

So it would be understandably painful for Hadid to deal with her serious ex-boyfriend dating anyone else so quickly after their split.

But Bella and Selena are kind of friends. They are both members of Taylor Swift’s Squad, making the whole situation even more awkward for everyone involved.

(Yet more entertaining for all of us not involved, let’s be honest.)

Following her PDA-filled evening out with her rumored new beau, Gomez posed for an especially racy photo on social media.

It went viral on Thursday, it features her wearing a thong and very little else and you may very well drool all over your keyboard upon seeing it again.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Selena Gomez Thong Photo
Photo via Instagram

Mere hours after this Selena picture made the Internet rounds, Hadid returned from the Bahamas, where she had been taking part in her first photo shoot of 2017.

Once she got back to California on Thursday, Hadid went ahead and posted her own X-rated video on Instagram, showing off her killer body in a tiny black one-piece swimsuit.

We’ve taken a screen shot of the footage below, which included the following words from Hadid:

“Goodnight. Love and light to you all… happy to be home.”

It’s pretty hard not to see this as a clear rebuttal to Gomez, wouldn’t you agree?

Bella Hadid: Sideboob Alert!
Photo via Instagram

Is Bella actively trying to show The Weeknd what he’s now missing?

Is she trying to silence Selena? To prove scoff at her attempts to be seductive when Hadid acts sultry and seductive for a living?

We can’t say for certain.

We just doubt it’s a coincidence that Gomez makes her romance with The Weeknd very public… then shares a scantily-clad picture on social media… and then Hadid does the exact same thing.

There’s clearly some kind of one-upmanship attempt going on here.

And we love it! This is the best kind of celebrity feud!

Will Selena reply? Will she take off ALL of her clothes to do so? Will Hadid make a sex tape with another man in response?

We’ve already made one of these galleries for Gomez…

Bella Hadid: Sideboob Alert!
Photo via Instagram

… the naked ball is in your court, Bella.

Go strong to the hoop with it!