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Things haven’t been looking too great for Amber Portwood lately.

But just because things are going badly doesn’t mean you can’t look good!

Amber put all her issues (which we’ll discuss momentarily!) aside this weekend so that she could give herself a whole new look.

Amber Portwood Pre-Pink Hair

That’s the "before" photo she shared on Instagam. Sure, it’s pretty filtered, but take it in.

"Hair is going PINK today!!!!" she revealed in the caption. "You can’t talk me out of it lol."

Pink hair, huh? Is that too big a change for the famously blonde Teen Mom star? Can she pull it off?

Amber didn’t wait to long to share the "after" photo, the one with all the pink hair, so go ahead and judge for yourself:

Amber Portwood Pink Hair

It looks cute, right? And despite that remarkably glum look on this face, she wrote in the caption that she loves the change.

And hey, good for her. She deserves to feel good about herself, and she should — she looks great.

But there’s a good chance Amber decided to go for such a different look to get her mind off her recent legal troubles.

Amber and her sketchy boyfriend, Matt Baier, are being sued by their former rental company for unpaid rent and repairs.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier selfie

Why didn’t they pay rent, if Amber’s got all that Teen Mom money and Matt’s preparing to release his memoir?

It’s a good question, but one we don’t have the answer for.

According to the court documents filed by the rental company, Amber and Matt owe $1,600 for failing to pay their last month of rent, as well as thousands of dollars worth of damages, much of it inflicted by the couple’s many pets.

To repair the carnage left in Amber and Matt’s wake, the company says they’ll need to repair damaged dry wall, replace the vertical blinds, and order new mini blinds and a new door knob.

Amber Portwood Pink Hair Pic

They’ll also have to get a new smoke detector and install it, and there’s a whole lot to be done to the outside of the house, too.

For what it’s worth, Amber’s former neighbor has disputed the rental company’s claims, saying that Amber’s old house looks fine and that it’s already being rented to someone new.

She’s due in court in late February to deal with all this … but at least we know she’ll look fabulous while doing so.