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Amber Portwood, saying that she’s had it with Teen Mom: OG, is quitting the MTV show following her blowout fight with Farrah Abraham.

This is not a rumor. We’re quoting Amber.

Amber Portwood Goodbye Message

The 26-year-old mother of one quietly but matter-of-factly announced in an Instagram post on Thursday that she’s leaving Teen Mom OG.

"I’ll be leaving #teenmomog sadly," she captioned a cast pic that showed her with Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell.

Her reasoning may not surprise those who watch Teen Mom OG online, or who have followed the social media back-and-forth lately:

"The lack of respect is too much anymore!"

"But still sending all my love!"

Farrah Abraham & Amber Portwood FIGHT at Teen Mom Reunion! WATCH NOW!

Portwood’s announcement comes after the airing of an explosive fight with Abraham (above) during the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

In the first part of the reunion, which aired at the end of November, Portwood went at Abraham regarding the status of their friendship.

"We used to be [friends] and then she decided to open up her crooked lips. She decided to do an interview saying something."

"About how it’s good that [my daughter] Leah is with Gary [Shirley] and how my house probably smells like piss. You don’t do that."

That was before they came to blows.

In part two, which aired December 5, Portwood stormed onto the stage, yelled and actually took a swing at the bewildered non-porn star.

Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Kids

What set her into such a rage?

Abraham and her Internet troll boyfriend Simon Saran insinuated that Portwood’s 46-year-old fiancé, Matt Baier, looked like "a pedophile."

Things got worse as producers tried to restrain her and Abraham’s parents came out; Baier pushed Farrah’s father Michael, to the floor.

Hours after the episode aired Portwood took to social media to claim that the reality show had been unfairly edited in favor of Farrah.

"They cut out Michael literally screaming in my face calling me a bitch and him putting his hands on Matt’s neck!!” Amber said on Instagram.

"After 8 years this is so disrespectful."

Farrah Abraham-Amber Portwood Meme

"I’ve worked too hard on myself to take this kind of disrespect," Portwood said, and compounded with the social media fallout (see meme above)?

Enough was enough for her basically.

Abraham, self-righteously, portrayed herself as the victim of Portwood’s violent attack, and said she’s simply above that sort of shenanigans.

"I didn’t have to attend the rest of the reunion or specials [because of what I consider Amber’s] criminal behavior," she actually said.

According to the Backdoor Teen Mom star, "MTV legal has said I no longer will ever have to work with or around Maci, Catelynn or Amber." 

Farrah added that MTV hoped that her dad wouldn’t press charges against Baier or the network even though he "has every right to."

Amber and Matt on Instagram

As for whether is really it for Amber?

We’re guessing money talks and she’ll be back. Not because she’s a greedy sellout, but because life is expensive, and this is a good gig.

Her intentions to bail may be 100 percent sincere; Amber was dragged HARD, on and off the air, all season, leading up to the reunion.

But when push comes to shove here, Amber and Matt have been a big draw for the popular series, MTV is gonna want a new season.

Amber is an important component of that season, with many storylines in her complex life to extrapolate on. So … they’ll make it worth it.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss!