Kellyanne Conway: I'm Not a Nazi! Clinton Supporters Are Sore Losers!

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Political strategist Kellyanne Conway became a household name thanks to her work as one of the architects of Donald Trump's presidential win.

In the weeks since Trump was elected, Conway has maintained her position as one of the President-elect's most trusted advisors.

Even when breaking with the administration on matters such as a possible cabinet post for Mitt Romney, she is at the forefront of his efforts.

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But while Conway has no qualms about occasionally disagreeing with Trump, she remains fiercely loyal to the future Commander-in-Chief.

In that sense, she is one of the controversial real-estate-mogul-turned-political-neophyte best assets, as he has a seasoned pro in his former.

Even when his stances seem impossible to defend.

To wit, one of the most troubling aspects of Trump's transition has been his appointment of far-right extremists like Steve Bannon to important roles.

Bannon has been unapologetic about his ties to white nationalism and the "alt-right" movement, the latter having recently become a sort of euphemism for neo-Nazism.

Steve Bannon

Conway participated in a Harvard political panel yesterday, where she was taken to task by former Hillary Clinton strategist Jennifer Palmieri.

Palmieri railed against Conway's alleged role in bringing hate groups to the mainstream over the course of the 2016 campaign.

“I would rather lose than win the way you guys did," Palmieri said, referring to the Trump campaign as a "vehicle for white supremacists.

An indignant Conway shot back:

“How exactly did we win, Jenn? How exactly?"

“I have a smile on my face at all times.”

Donald Trumped Up

She went on to insist that the claims of Donald Trump's ties to white hate groups are baseless and that Team Clinton can't let it go:

“Are you gonna look me in the face and say I ran a campaign that was a platform for white supremacists?” Conway said.

Conway refused to listen to responses, accusing her opponents of being ungracious in defeat:

“You guys are bitter," she went on.

"We are being very gracious. You’re bitter.”

D. Trump in NYC

It's not the first time that Conway has been asked to answer for the more appalling actions and comments of Trump's campaign.

Following a recent university lecture, Conway was asked by a young woman how she was able to justify working her part in electing a man who was recorded boasting about acts of sexual assault.

Conway conceded that Trump's words were "disgusting," but stated that she still considers him to be "gracious and a gentleman."

In the weeks after the recording went public, Trump was accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women.

Conway has consistently parroted her boss' statements that the women are all lying.

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