Teen Mom 2: Secret Holiday Special on the Way?

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We can't imagine why the ladies of Teen Mom 2 attempt to keep any secrets.

In addition to the fact that they've all signed deals to live out their lives on camera, the moms are near-constant presences on every major social media platform.

As a result, just about everything that happens in the lives of Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer is shared with their adoring public - even when MTV and the show's producers would prefer that certain details remain under wraps.

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We assumed that Teen Mom 2 Season 8 had wrapped filming several months ago, but now it looks like the ladies are back at it.

This time, however, they're trying to keep the whole operation on the DL.

It's not unusual for camera crews to go back and re-shoot certain scenes in order to develop a storyline or get a better take (reality TV is often pretty far from reality), but according to Radar Online, the TM2 crew is up to something far more ambitious:

"They want to film on Christmas," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

Yes, it seems that we'll get to peek in on Christmas at the home of Jenelle Evans, which we imagine is a lot like Christmas in your house, but with more threats of violence.

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

There have been rumors that the footage will be used as part of a TM2 holiday special, but that would basically amount to MTV airing episodes out of order.

It seems more likely that the new video will be used as a sort of addendum to Season 8 ... which we may not be seeing for quite some time, due to some rumored contract disputes:

"The girls are working out their money but they are always fighting with MTV," says the source.

"They try to jerk them around and say the filming is an extension of one season so they don't have to pay them any more," 

Chelsea and Kailyn Love

If the girls were actors on a scripted show, they would just refuse to film, but considering their lives are the product here, it makes sense that they'll participate in shooting and but refuse to sign over the rights to air the footage until after they've reached a deal.

It's often necessary for on-air talent to hold out for more money, but the ladies are smart enough not to screw themselves out of a job.

So sadly, it looks like A Very Jenelle Christmas won't be coming to your television any time soon.

But if you listen closely, you can probably hear her screaming at Barbara at this very minute.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to hold you over until this contract business is sorted out.

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