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Rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant seem to surface about once a month.

This time, however, there’s an interesting twist to the probably untrue but nonetheless amusing reports.

According to several media outlets, Kylie is involved with a new dude, and thus, might be knocked up with said new dude’s baby.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga posing

It seems Kylie’s love for D-list rappers knows no bounds, and she’s been spending a lot of time with a hip hop artist named 21 Savage, who’s not to be confused with the band Twenty One Pilots, or the hashtag "#savage," which we’re told is something the kids like to say.

Anyway, Mr. Savage is both slightly younger and slightly more popular than Tyga, which would obviously make him an attractive prospect to Kylie.

At 24, he’s only five years older than Kylizzle, and with his single "X", he has a hit that’s approximately five years younger than Tyga’s only successful track.

Sources say 21 swooped in around the time of the most recent Kylie-Tyga breakup.

Kylie Jenner Ring Photo

Interestingly, sources say his timing coincided with a pregnancy scare.

According to Life & Style, the news that Kylie might be knocked up led to the couple parting ways for reasons that aren’t entirely clear:

“[Kylie and Tyga] always talked about having babies together but this was real," says one insider.

"While it was exciting [for Kylie], it was really frightening, too….They’d made a pact that if she got pregnant they would get married. Instead, they broke up.”

Kylie Jenner on the Sofa

So it sounds like Kylie briefly thought she was pregnant, broke up with Tyga, hooked up with Savage, and then got back together with Tyga.

Still, it’s not hard to see how some folks might have misread the situation and believed that Kylie cheated on Tyga, or even that she was pregnant with Savage’s baby.

The important thing is that Kylie is obviously planning to carry on the family tradition of bizarre, high-profile relationship drama.

Forget Keeping Up, this girl’s life could sustain a daily reality soap opera.

Someone get Kylie on the phone! We have an idea she might be interested in!