Kylie Jenner: Pregnant With Tyga's Baby?!

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Kylie Jenner is knee-deep in a lot of things, but is pregnancy one of them, too? 

Tyga's four-year-old son with Kylie's half-brother, Rob's, baby mama, Blac Chyna - did that wipe you out reading as much as it wiped us out typing? - admitted that his daddy's girlfriend is pregnant. 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Too Close for Comfort Photo

Sources at Hollywood Life who claimed to be close to the family revealed that King spilled the beans at his most recent birthday party. 

"King's super excited about life right now," the insider revealed. "He can't wait for his mother to have his sister," an inevitable thing. 

"That said, King thinks he's having more siblings and asked Kylie if she's having a baby with his daddy." 

The outlet reported last month that Kylie would be thrilled if she were to fall pregnant with Tyga's baby. 

"[Kylie] has been telling friends recently that if she got pregnant, she would be totally fine with it." 

Kylie and King

The little guy sure runs his mouth, doesn't he?

Starcasm revealed that King is even telling people that his father's teenage girlfriend's womb is "currently occupied." 

Reportedly, when King asked Kylie if she was having a baby, she "laughed hysterically and gave him a big hug and kiss."

True love always wins, right? 

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This isn't the first time 19-year-old Kylie's been hit with pregnancy allegations. 

The latest rumor that Kylie Jenner is pregnant surfaced earlier this month, prompting people to believe that the rumors are actually true, as they've increased exponentially. 

In July, however, she refuted claims that her womb was occupied by the offspring of the RACK RACK RACK RACK CITY B-TCH rapper. 

Kylie tweeted, "Omg. No, I'm not pregnant. It's been the same rumor for years & no baby."  

She added, "So when I decide to go to that next stage in my life, I'll be the first to let you know. Not a weekly blog."  

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Attend Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Launch Event

However, she suspiciously deleted the tweets, lending even more credence to the rumors.

Then, earlier this year - March, to be specific - Kylie shared a disturbing Snapchat image captioned "Baby daddy," and featured Tyga. 

Wishful thinking, or something far more nefarious? 

Realistically, if Kylie were pregnant in March, she'd obviously be showing by now, which puts us on board that she definitely wasn't pregnant in March. 

Even if she'd gotten pregnant in March, she'd be around seven months along by now. 

Still, we're not discounting the latest rumblings that there's something tumbling around in her young womb. 

It's not so much the source, but the frequency ... there's simply got to be something to it. 

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