17 Photos Of Kate Middleton Looking Smug as Heck

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Before receiving the title of Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton was better known as "Kate."  

The eldest daughter of Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate started her freshman year at University of St. Andrews in Scotland in the same dormitory as Prince William.

The friends eventually began dating, and there were several false starts in the tea towel and china industries before William finally asked Kate to marry him in the fall of 2010.

Before then, though, theirs was a courtship like most others, with a small break in April 2007 that only months later Will would rectify.

The only difference is that Kate never looked worse for wear when her photo was taken.  In fact, she looked glorious.

Your 20s was the stuff of dreams, Kate.

1. New Job (For Now)

New Job (For Now)
"Got oneself a job, but asked if one could work three days a week because ROYAL BOYFRIEND."

2. I'm Fine. Don't I Look It?

I'm Fine.  Don't I Look It?
"Mum told me to put down the ice cream, put on something minxy and show him how Middletons roll."

3. Fraternizing With The People

Fraternizing With The People
"Yes, thank you. A break-up does indeed look good on me."

4. Boujis Nights

Boujis Nights
"Hello, there. Future consort passing through."

5. Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings
"Could you not stand outside my very expensive flat that I did not pay for?"

6. Hello Again, I Suppose

Hello Again, I Suppose
"Yes, that's my better half behind me. You all may leave now."

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