Ariana Grande: Mac Miller's Hat Is Awful!

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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have been dating for a few months now and it's becoming increasingly clear that they're getting a whole lot more comfortable around each other. 

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller In New York

How so? 

Ariana took to Instagram on Tuesday night to trash Miller's hat. Yes, we're being deadly serious. 

Have a look for yourself at the post:

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"When you're about to have a week off and that hasn't happened in a long ass time so you finally wear that hat you've been wondering when you'd wear forever," Grande captioned. 

Hey, it's not as bad as writing a song about how BAD the hat is, or something, but we would not rule it out with Ariana. 

We all know how these younger artists like to change things up pretty much every album to keep fans wanting more, but we don't think she's quite ready to give Adele or Taylor Swift a run for their money in terms of writing about things that piss her off. 

We have to give credit to Ariana, the hat is awful.

It's definitely not something any A-lister would be seen dead with on the red carpet. It's like something you would probably have a party about if you witnessed your worst enemy wearing it. 

Ariana Grande at the 2016 AMAs

Maybe it was Ariana's subtle way of telling him to get rid of it without verbally saying it to him. Either way, we're definitely on her side with this one. 

Ariana and Mac started dating in August, but they were very coy about the relationship. It resulted in Ariana nearly getting into a screaming match with Ryan Seacrest because he asked a question about it. 

Ryan Seacrest Smiles

Now, Ariana probably knew there was no way she could deny it because there were pictures of the pair showing a bit too much PDA in restaurants. 

I mean, if they were trying to keep their relationship quiet, they should have probably been getting up close and personal behind closed doors. 

There's a thought, you guys. 

What do you think about all of this?

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