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Last week, Kanye West was hospitalized following an emotional breakdown.

The rapper received in-patient care at the UCLA Medical Center for much longer than expected, only being released from the hospital on Wednesday after nine days of treatment.

During that time, disturbing reports of West fighting with doctors and suffering bouts of extreme paranoia emerged.

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West and Kim Kardashian have kept a tight lid on their privacy in recent weeks, but speculation about the nature of Kanye’s breakdown and ongoing psychological issues has run rampant.

The latest rumor to circulate on social media states that the "medical emergency" that led to West’s hospitalization was the result of over a decade of substance abuse.

“Kanye’s drugs of choice are cocaine and booze, Hennessy specifically,” a source close to the situation.

“He’s got big problems.”

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The insider added that Kim is aware of Kanye’s addictions and is okay with his drug use as long as he keeps it outside the home:

“Kanye would go to a drug den hangout in West Hollywood to get away from everything," the source says.

At the time of the episode that landed him in the hospital, Kanye was reportedly in the midst of a week-long bender:

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“He got all kinds of crazy and delusional because he was high as a kite,” says the insider.

“He hadn’t slept, was high for days and began having hallucinations and paranoia.”

The source claims that Kanye’s condition is exacerbated by his refusal to take the drugs that he’s been prescribed in order to treat anxiety and depression.

It seems the only person who could keep Kanye on the drugs he’s supposed to take and off the street drugs was his late mother, Donda West:

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“When his mother was alive she kept him on those meds," says the insider.

"She was his rock. After she passed away nine years ago, he just went crazy [on illegal drugs].”

West’s personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam has not explicitly denied the reports of drug use, but maintains that West was hospitalized due to “temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.