Kanye West: FIGHTING With Doctors at Mental Hospital?!

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Saying Kanye West has a bit of a temper is like saying Donald Trump tends to think highly of himself.

Kanye is known for going on rants on stage and on Twitter, and it's a habit he's been widely mocked for over the years.

Of course, now that we know Kanye may be grappling with some serious mental health issues, the whole situation doesn't seem so funny.

Kanye Looks Miserable

West was hospitalized last week after suffering an emotional breakdown during a session with his personal trainer.

He was originally scheduled to be released on Monday, but TMZ is reporting that Kanye's release has been postponed indefinitely.

Part of the problem, it seems, is that the rapper has been resistant to treatment.

Radar Online is reporting that the situation is far more dire than Kim Kardashian and her family initially realized, and West's in-laws now fear that if he doesn't begin cooperating with medical professionals he may not be released for weeks.

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“Kim has been telling friends that Kanye is fine," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

"But her sisters know that is not the case at all.”

The insider adds:

“He won’t allow doctors to do their job, and has been fighting with the medical staff non-stop.

"It is just making the situation that much worse.”

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It seems Kim has been by Kanye's side non-stop throughout his ordeal, but for obvious reasons, his medical staff isn't showing the same levels of devotion.

Some reportedly believe that Kanye is preventing them from providing proper care to their other patients, and they'd like to see him moved to a facility that's better equipped to help him:

“His non-compliance has become a major issue," says the source.

"It’s gotten so bad that the staff wants to transfer him to another hospital.”

“Needless to say, it is a very tense situation right now," the insider adds.

Kim has been lying low since Kanye was committed, and sources say the couple's recent rough patches could mean the end for the reality show that made her family famous.

We think even Kim's biggest fans would agree that it's time for her to step away from the spotlight and focus on the health and safety of her family.

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