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Ever since we learned that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child, Teen Mom 2 fans have been criticizing the Carolina Hurricane for getting knocked up by an ex-con whom she had only known for a few months.

What could go wrong, after all?

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Instagram Pic

Part of the problem with this is that Jenelle seems to already be having a hard time raising the two children she has.

In fact, as fans know, her mother Barbara Evans has had custody of Jenelle’s eldest son from the time of his birth.

So it’s not surprising that many fans believe it would be better for Jenelle to stop procreating with the new men in her life.

Instead, she could focus on taking care of the pair of kids she already has, and making herself a little less co-dependent.

Obviously, fans who go so far as to share this insight with Jenelle are overstepping their bounds, but hey – that’s reality TV stardom in the age of social media.

And naturally, she responds in kind.

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Image

All of the girls of the Teen Mom franchise interact with fans on Instagram and Twitter, to varying degrees.

Since they’re famous primarily (exclusively) because they’ve lived out their private lives on camera, it’s always a little strange when they lash out at viewers who comment on their relationships or their parenting.

It would be like if Michael Phelps went on a lengthy "My swimming is none of your business!" rant.

Anyway, Jenelle doesn’t know the meaning of the word hypocrisy, so she goes off on the fans who helped make her famous on a regular basis.

Of course, her short temper is one of the things that’s made her such an appealing character over the years, so in a sense, she’s doing what she’s paid to do.

Eason and Evans

Her latest tirade happened on Twitter, where a viewer echoed the common criticism that Jenelle should probably focus on the children she has instead of making more.

"OMG stop having kids with guys you barely know," the fan tweeted.

"How about you work on getting custody of Jace? Poor kid."

Not surprisingly, Jenelle didn’t take kindly to this disapproval, and she wasted no time in making her feelings known:

She wrote that she’s been fighting for custody of Jace for years, but has been frustrated by a slow-moving legal process.

Jenelle in Court

“It’s almost been 2 years and I haven’t saw the judge one time,” Jenelle tweeted.

She then argued that she’s been dating David Eason 18 months, and thus knew exactly what she was doing when she got knocked up over the summer.

“Then again YOU barely know me so you wouldn’t know anything anyways,” she tweeted. “

"I barely know David? Been dating for a year and a half. Where’ve u been.”

As always, Jenelle sounds a little confused and a whole lot irrational – and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online for more seething rage from the soon-to-be mother of three.