Kanye West Leaves Hospital; Now What?!?

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Kanye West has finally been released from the hospital.

After more than a week of being under the supervision and care of physicians, following what many have described as some kind of "nervous breakdown," the rapper is now back home.

According to X17, TMZ and other outlets, he's resting comfortably and spending time with Kim Kardashian and his kids, North and Saint.

Kanye West is Actually Smiling

The rapper was hospitalized on November 21 after some sort of altercation with an employee at a gym.

Initial reports claimed he was restrained by paramedics after his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, called 911 because he knew Kanye was in need of professional help.

There was talk that West was even dubbed a Section 5150 case - meaning he could be involuntarily confined to a hospital because he was considered a danger to himself or others - but that appears to not have been the case.

Regardless, however, amidst talk of depression and paranoia, Kanye was in the hospital for a total of nine days.

Kardashian remained closely by his side throughout, while the Internet wondered how we did not see this coming.

In the days leading up to his hospitalization, West ranted against Beyonce, claimed he would have voted for Donald Trump and ended a show on his Saint Pablo Tour after just three songs.

Following the last incident listed above, he canceled his tour altogether.

Just a few hours later, he was admitted to the hospital.

Now a free man, West is far from in the clear.

He will still be undergoing psychological and medical treatment for the foreseeable future and you won't be seeing him on the road any time soon.

As mentioned earlier, Kanye had already called off the remainder of his 2016 tour dates prior to these medical issues taking over his life.

But he had planned on resuming the concerts in early 2017, a plan that has now gone by the wayside due to his fragile state.

(For anyone wondering: Yes, West has an insurance policy that will kick in and ensure he doesn't lose much money as a result of these cancelations.)

As for what actually triggered Kanye's breakdown?

There are basically two overlapping theories.

The first centers around Kim's robbery in Paris on October 3, the scary incident in which Kardashian was bound, gagged and forced to plead for her life while armed assailants took jewelry from her apartment. 

As you can imagine, this caused a great deal of stress for West, with sources saying he's been unable to sleep and has simply been consumed with the state of his wife, along with ways to keep his family safe in the future.

Secondly, November 21 marked the nine-year anniversary of Kanye's mother dying as the result of plastic surgery complications.

That also happened to be the day of his official breakdown.


Many think not. Some have said that Kanye never fully processed or dealt with his mother's passing and that the combination of this anniversary and Kim's trauma was simply too much for him to handle.

Kanye West in Queens

And it's not as though we're talking about the most stable individual anyway, right?

West always acted like he was on the edge of sanity and/or stability.

So we'll see how this impacts him going forward and we'll wait to see the next time we hear from Kanye West.

Go rest up, big guy. Get better.

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