Ariel Winter Rocks Sexy Santa Outfit on Instagram

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We're not sure exactly who started the "sexy Santa Claus" trend, but it might be the best evidence that in the age of social media, literally anything can and will be used as an excuse for a T&A display.

Then again, if we had to point to the patient zero who started this particularly plague, it would probably be Mariah Carey, who first sexed up Santa in the video for that song you're currently hoping you never have to hear again.

Whatever the case, these days, the torch has been passed to a new generation of Selfie Clauses, and Ariel Winter seems intent on claiming her place at the front of the reindeer pack:

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden Christmas Photo

Yes, as you can see, Ariel posed for a holiday-themed Instagram photo with her new boyfriend, Levi Meaden.

And you thought the "Jingle Bell Rock" get-ups in Mean Girls were revealing.

Like, sure, you've seen Ariel Winter's butt on Instagram many, many times before, but have you ever seen it in a Santa costume?

Maybe, we really don't remember if she did this last year, too.

Never one to miss an opportunity for an old-fashioned curve-flaunting, Ariel also offered a view from the front:

Ariel Winter Showing Cleavage With Santa Claus

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time that Ariel combined Santa Claus and cleavage this year.

This girl doesn't want her girls to miss out on the holiday festivities, even when she's posing with the big fella and a bunch of little kids.

Hey, it's her 'Gram, right?

Ariel Winter: Sexy Santa Get-Up

Ariel made a name for herself on Modern Family, but these days, it seems clear that she's preparing for life post-MF.

(Of course, the show is probably syndication-bound, which would mean financially, Ariel is pretty much set for life.)

We don't blame her for taking advantage of her window of opportunity, but we can't help but wonder why she hasn't made any mention of the fact that she just wrapped up her first semester of college.

Over the summer, Ariel announced that she would attend UCLA in the fall but hasn't made many mentions to her education on social media.

Yeah, someone posts constant boob pics and we're all, "I hope that's not getting in the way of her studies!"

We are officially old.

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