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Ariana Grande is a piece of work.

The 23-year-old schooled Ryan Seacrest on his own radio show this week, casually chewing him out for asking about her involvement with rapper Mac Miller.

"So I saw that you confirmed this relationship with Mac Miller on Instagram," Seacrest started.

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"Oh, is that what I did?" Grande snapped.

"Is that what Instagram means to you now? All right world, let’s go."


"What was that segue?" she asked bitingly as Seacrest probably thought to himself, "STFU, My Little Pony."

"Well, I don’t know," he responded. "I’m asking."

"What are you asking? You said a sentence, there was no question. … I don’t know, man," Grande said flippantly.

"Well, come on man," Seacrest retorted, not backing down.

"It’s like, ‘Good morning, On Air With Ryan Seacrest.’ It’s too early for this kind of tea. It’s too early, man," Grande said, looking anywhere but at Seacrest.

"That’s what we do. If you post something — even in my life — if I post something, it becomes something," Seacrest informed her.

"If I post something, then that’s what I’m willing to share at the moment," Grande said defensively.

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"That doesn’t mean that you, Ryan Seacrest, with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information."

Uh, yeah it does.  

You’re not putting this photo in a personal album that no one should have access to.  You put it on the damn interweb.

Something tells me Seacrest called up his old red carpet pal, Giuliana Rancic to bitch about Grande.

Back in 2014, the Florida native earned a reputation for behaving a bit like Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin.

The difference between Grande and those women is that they’ve earned their right to act like divas.

"’I think she does have a little bit of a diva thing going on," Rancic said on E!

"I remember, I think it was at the AMAs, she came up on the platform, and normally I stand on this side [her left side] to the camera.

"I had to fight 13 years to get this side to the camera, it’s my good side, but I fought 13 years for this, OK," Rancic went on.

"Little Ariana comes over, I feel like ‘bing’, elbow in my side, I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ and they push me to the other side.

"So I had to be on my ugly side. But I felt like a little bit of a, you know it was like ‘you either get on the other side or we don’t do an interview,’ and I just felt like it’s one thing if it’s Mariah, you know, I’ll get on any side, I’ll bend down, I’ll climb a ladder, whatever it takes to get Mariah to do an interview.

"But when you’re new on the block, when you’re trying to earn your stripes, you’re young, you just gotta do what you gotta do, try to get a great reputation, try to go overboard to please people."