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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida is serving an 8-year prison sentence on fraud charges, but bizarrely, his inmate status doesn’t seem to be interfering with his love life.

No, Apollo hasn’t entered into a romance with his cellmate (that we know of).

Rather, he recently got engaged to a woman he met shortly before beginning his sentence.

At first, the identity of Apollo’s new fiancee was a mystery, but we now know that Sherien Almufti is the lucky woman.

And yes, we use the word “lucky” in the most sarcastic way possible.

Sherien shared her news with the world in the least subtle way possible, plastering her social media pages with photos of herself kissing pictures of Apollo and referring to herself as Mrs. Nida.

Sherien Almufti and Apollo Nida

Given her level of thirst, we suppose it’s not surprising that Sherien has landed a spot on the upcoming season of RHOA.

It’s also not surprising that she’s been feverishly documenting her relationship with Nida on Instagram.

The latest update is simultaneously kind of funny and kind of sad:

Sherien Almufti Engagement Ring Photo

Sherien posted the above photo over the weekend, along with the following caption:

“Awe my baby @apollonida03 finally gave me a ring, it’s made out of the finest prison paper towels in chocolate brown. #CantGetMyHandsWet #LoveHimStill #LOL”

Look, we understand making the best of a bad situation, but we can’t help but take issue with those hashtags:

#CantGetMyHandsWet: Is she actually planning on wearing that every day? That might be taking thirst to new heights.

Sherien Almufti Pic

#LoveHimStill: You guys have been engaged for like a week. Don’t pull any muscles patting yourself on the back for your loyalty yet.

#LOL: We can’t help but think Sherien doesn’t comprehend the gravity of her situation.

Even if he qualifies for early release (a big if, given the reports of Apollo’s bad behavior behind bars), he’ll still be spending the remainder of this decade behind bars.

The circumstances would put the strongest of relationships to the test.

Sherien Almufti Photo

Sherien and Apollo didn’t start dating until a few weeks before he began serving his sentence.

Add to the weirdness the fact that Apollo just finalized his divorce from Phaedra Parks last month, and she and Sherien will soon be coworkers, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most combustible celebrity relationships in recent memory.

But hey, at least it’ll be fun to watch!