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It’s been almost ten months since Apollo Nida reported to prison to serve an eight-year sentence on fraud charges.

Obviously, Nida isn’t the first star of the Housewives franchise to epically fail at white collar crime.

In fact it was briefly rumored that Apollo and Joe Giudice would serve time in the same prison.

Sadly, that never came to pass. (Would’ve made a great spinoff!)

But that doesn’t mean that Nida isn’t bringing the drama in his own way during his time in federal lockup.

His sentence started inauspiciously when Nida failed to report to prison on time.

Instead of turning himself in, Apollo was reportedly harassing his estranged wife, Phaedra Parks, and recording bizarre farewell videos like this one:

Apollo Nida Prison Message

Now several sources are reporting that Nida is behaving like a diva behind bars, expecting special treatment from guards and fellow inmates alike due to his D-list celebrity status.

“Apollo thinks he’s better than everyone else because he’s famous,” says one insider.

“Obviously, his behavior doesn’t win him any friends.”

Generally, celebrity inmates are able to secure protection with the promise of transferred funds.

Unfortunately for Nida, he was locked up in large part because he was too broke to pay off the creditors he defrauded.

As his case was highly publicized, it’s likely the other prisoners are aware that Nida doesn’t have the means to buy their friendship.

To make matters worse, Nida continues to alienate Parks by accusing her of refusing to allow him to see his son in interviews.

As a result, Parks has reportedly refused to visit Nida in prison.

Sounds like it’s lonely times for Apollo these days.

Hopefully, for his sake, there’s some truth to those rumors that he’ll be getting out of prison early.