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Happy Thanksgiving, from the whole THG family to yours.

What would a quintessential, uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things we hold dearest?

Nothing. But this year it’s taken on a special meaning.

Here at The Hollywood Gossip, on this twenty-fourth day of November, the year Two Thousand Sixteen, we honor some impressive turkeys.

By that, we mean some of the celebrities we’ve had the honor, the pleasure, and the burden of covering here over the past 10.87 months.

Or in the case of the winner, about that many years.

Who ruffled the most feathers and left us shaking our heads, hanging our heads in shame, and/or laughing our heads off at the same time?

And who would we POSSIBLY select, this of all years, as the recipient of the prestigious 10th Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Turkeys of 2016 … and man alive, we’re talking fowl individuals. Legit bird brains up in hurrrr.


10. Florida Man. If you see an absurd news headline on Facebook that somehow isn’t from a fake political site, #FloridaMan was likely involved.

9. Justin Bieber. He’s pulled it together a bit and actually fallen a few spots from prior years, but still makes the list b/c what a douche canoe.

8. Kanye West. We wish him well, now that we know he may be truly mentally unstable, but even that can’t explain some of his antics.

7. Jon & Kate Gosselin. No, this list isn’t from 2008, but it might as well be, as these two are STILL going at it harder and uglier than ever.

6. Hillary Clinton. Worse move in hindsight … setting up a private email server or not setting foot in Wisconsin this whole election season? 

H Turkey!

5. Jordan Rodgers. The Bachelor franchise has seen its share of guys who deserve a pumpkin pie to the face, but nothing like J-Rod. 

4. Jim Bob Duggar. For no other reason than having invented those absurd courtship rules, bird brain JBD can gobble up this spot.

3. Stevie J & Joseline. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta duo EASILY prevails for most dysfunctional celeb couple of ’16, which is saying a lot!

2. Jenelle Evans. Now expecting her third kid by her third different guy, the Carolina Hurricane took her kid to the beach … in an actual hurricane.

And the #1 Turkey of the Year honor goes to – who else – the newly-elected 45th President of the United States of America, ladies and gentlemen!

Donald J. Trump the Turkey
Photo via Tumblr

1. Donald J. Trump. Comment rendered unnecessary. If you really require an explanation, go and read any page of any site of the Internet.

Fun Thanksgiving task: Bring him up at the dinner table and see what happens … everyone is being SO SECRETIVE with their opinions!

Fun THG fact: Mr. President-Elect is the first two-time winner of this award, having previously been named top THG Turkey of 2012.

Our prescient words four years ago today …

“The king of PR stunts, conspiracy theories and Obama rants wins our top turkey honor because of his repeated attempts to insert himself into the national political discourse, and the complete and utter rejection of his ‘ideas’ by citizens across the political spectrum.”

Well, joke’s on us. And the whole planet.

Photo via Mashable