The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: Matt's Return!

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We finally got more details on how Sybil became a very evil person on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 4

Seriously, she was throwing back to what made her evil pretty much every scene and it resulted in one of the best episodes in quite some time. 

Basically, Sybil has a sister and her sister is probably more wicked than her. I must say congratulations to the writers because they succeeded in making me think Georgie was the villain. 

Matt's Father Is Back on The Vampire Diaries!

Georgie broke into Alaric's home because she was curious about what she witnessed on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3. Unfortunately for her, the nanny was totally evil and sent her to the armory to knock Stefan out. 

This allowed Sybil to enter his mind and lift the lid about what happened many years ago. Seline was the more evil of the two sisters, but Sybil struggled to remain good. 

Their leader was a man named Arkadius and I'm getting a strong feeling that he'll be showing up in Mystic Falls before long. The interesting thing about all of this is that Sybil is definitely not the more evil sister. 

Seline takes that honor and she's probably going to be causing a lot of drama. Heck, she murdered Georgie and brought up that time she accidentally murdered someone. 

Not cool, Seline. 

Georgie was dragged to hell and that's the same place Katherine Pierce went to. It would be great if we somehow got to visit there on the show, but there's no way that will be happening any time soon. 

We'd need Nina Dobrev back for that and there's been no confirmation of that yet. We still don't know why Seline just happens to be looking after Alaric's kids. 

Nina Dobrev at the 2014 VMAs

Those are the same kids who managed to take Sybil out the armory in the first place. That's going to be one of the more pressing questions as the final season progresses, 

Elsewhere, Damon continued searching for a mysterious artifact that Sybil sent him on his way to find. The most shocking thing was that Matt's father just so happened to be the person who had the item. 

Damon tried to murder him, but vervain saved the day. The show is seriously getting so good again and part of the reason is that these twists are great. 

Matt was less than impressed Damon tried to murder his father and decided the best course of action was to kill him. However, Damon revealed that he had Tyler bleeding out in a car. 

But when Matt arrived to save Tyler, he was already dead. It was a pathetic ending for Tyler Lockwood, but it made us glad at the thought of Matt's family actually being a big thing in Mystic Falls. 

Who would have thought that Matt Donovan would actually get a storyline? I mean, he's just been sitting on the sidelines since the series premiered all those years ago. 

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