Joseline Hernandez: Stevie J is My Baby Daddy (But Won't Take a DNA Test)!!

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Volatile, unstable and allegedly expectant Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez has taken to Instagram to show off her baby bump, again.

And to call out Stevie J. Again.

Stevie J and Joseline on Insta

The latest on Hernandez’s public paternity battle comes following months of speculation over who fathered the future reality TV spawn.

Or, according to skeptics, whether Joseline is faking her pregnancy for ratings, attention, 'cause she's a pathological liar or all of the above.

Since she and Stevie J, her longtime partner (they were never married, despite claims of making it official) split this year, s--t has hit the fan.


He has gone on record as denying being the father, while Joseline has gone on record claiming that Stevie J is a deadbeat child molester.

Meanwhile, Atlanta rapper Young Dro has also been spotted with Hernandez, throwing gasoline on this paternity speculation fire.

Young Dro

Young Dro has chosen to keep quiet ... so far.

He has yet to make a formal statement one way or the other regarding his involvement in Joseline's baby drama, or her life for that matter.

Why would he play it so close to the vest?

That's very much unclear, but Hernandez has made it clear that Stevie J is the only man she slept with who could be the father of the child.

Or so she says. Again, she has a relationship with the truth that could best be described as strained ... and at worst be called nonexistent.

Joseline and Stevie

If you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you remember that she mentioned how she believes the child was conceived in Los Angeles.

Why is that significant?

That's where she and Stevie J filmed a spin-off series for one season, back in less combative times for the mercurial, off-and-on pairing.

Right now, there's little proof of anything, but Hernandez’s lawyer says she is trying to take the steps to prove he is the child’s father.

“We are trying to get Stevie to take a blood test to see if the baby is his. [Joseline Hernandez has] already taken her test," the lawyer states.

Joseline Baby Bump

"She’s waiting for him to go down and put his sample in. Stevie is not supporting her in any form or fashion," her attorney continued.

"Not financially, nothing."

Given Stevie's past issues with financial assistance and child support child support, it's no surprise that he would try to avoid responsibility.

Seriously. He owes more than $1 million, and cannot leave the U.S. and will have to wear a GPS monitor as per a recent court order.

That doesn't mean it's his in this case, though, and the producer has mentioned that he will wait until its birth to determine the paternity.

Considering who we're dealing with?

It's not difficult to cast doubt on the truthfulness of either party, let's put it that way. Until there's a DNA test, it's hard to know for certain.

Elsewhere on the 24/7/365 Stevie J baby watch, he accused Miss Jackson of faking an abortion, and recently broke up with Faith Evans.

The man keeps busy in the ATL.

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