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Is Jeremy Calvert’s fiancee, Brooke Wehr, pregnant and expecting her first child with the Teen Mom 2 cast member and ex of Leah Messer?

That’s the speculation of the day, and for good reason.

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert Pic

As we know, Jeremy Calvert got engaged to Brooke Wehr, who’s been his girlfriend ever since he and Leah split up, earlier this fall.

That’s no longer rumor, he put a ring on it.

We also know that Calvert has a propensity for complaining that Teen Mom 2 ruined his life, then turning around and stirring the pot online.

Witness yesterday’s gun photo of Adalynn, his daughter with Leah, which seemed to intentionally provoke the controversy that erupted.

Perhaps, then, it should come as no surprise that the pipeline engineer posted the below image to Instagram before Halloween:

Bun in the Oven Costume

Yes, it’s just a photo of a Halloween costume.

Harmless, and silly to read into? Of course.

Except he captioned it “Perfect costume for us,” and tagged Brooke, who would be carrying “bun in the oven” made by Jer in this hypothetical.

Messing with our heads? Most likely.

Just days prior to the Halloween rumor swirling, Wehr – an Ohio native and mother of one herself – posted a photo of a pregnancy test.

The test was … negative.

Brooke Wehr in Bed

Brooke’s account is private, but fans are convinced that the pregnancy test photo was stolen from Google images. It’s all very unclear.

Baby or no baby, the couple is on cloud nine, and clearly making it work after he moved from West Virginia to Ohio to live with Wehr.

Leah made mention of this, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, on the reunion, implying that he sees less of their daughter now.

At the same time, Messer shared an adorable video of Addie reuniting with Jeremy during one of his recent visits, so they’re on good terms.

Jer and Brooke are also coming out with their own clothing brand, cleverly titled CalvertWehr, so their personal relationship is also professional.

Will we see more of them on Teen Mom 2?

Jeremy Calvert with Brooke Wehr

You never know, but Leah and company have been filming as recently as this week, with Messer sharing a behind the scenes pic on Insta.

"This is my life," she captioned it.

"Sometimes I hate it, and other times I love it! At the end of the day I may not be perfect, but all I want to be is an example for each one of you!"

Give her credit for trying … though we imagine there will be more drama, hearsay and conflict as Jeremy and Brooke’s romance progresses.

If and when Brooke does get pregnant?

You have to think she and her daughter will be even more of a priority for Jeremy than they are now, which might rub Leah the wrong way.

On the flip side, maybe the visitation schedule they have worked out now is working well, given that they’re both juggling other children.

Stay tuned.