Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With Twins?!

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It's been an eventful few months in the life of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, to say the absolute least.

In July, we learned that Houska is expecting her second child, and her first with then-fiance Cole DeBoer.

Last month, Chelsea and Cole got married in a private ceremony near the longtime couple's hometown.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Now, it looks as though Chelsea and Cole's family may be expanding even more quickly than they realized.

Many fans are convinced that Chelsea is expecting twins.

As usual, however, these are the same people who think they can divine what sort of career your kid will have based on the size and shape of your baby bump.

Still, the gossip is off the charts after her latest update!

Speculation that the reality star has two bundles of joy on the way seems to be primarily based on the photo below:

Chelsea Houska: 25 Weeks Pregnant

Normally, we'd laugh off the medical opinion of a bunch Insta-nobodies, but Chelsea's reaction to the comments is intriguing.

The Housk tweeted, without actually confirming or denying that she's expecting twins, the following, semi-cryptic response:

"When people comment 'twins' on your baby bump picture..." 

Of course, that may have been her way of refusing to dignify the rumors with a response ... but stoking them just the same!

After all, it can't feel good to have a bunch of strangers look at a photo of your baby bump, and say what basically translates to this:

"Wow, that's an unexpectedly large bump, Chelsea! There's no way you're only only holding one baby in there!"

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer being cute

Chelsea also captioned the aforementioned bump photo: "Bump's growing much faster and bigger than it did with Aubree."

She added that she was "almost 25 weeks" pregnant.

So we guess she kinda invited speculation that she's baking multiple buns in the oven, even if people are largely overreacting.

We'll leave the discussion about how much privacy a person with nearly 4 million Instagram followers is entitled to for another time.

Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska

Fortunately, Chelsea doesn't seem too terribly bothered by all the attention. She did post the photo in question in the first place, after all.

Not to mention, this is a woman who's seen worse in life. She endured a relationship with Adam freakin' Lind after all.

Seriously, that dude is a derelict of society.

A few rude or invasive Instagram comments must seem like a cake walk by comparison to dealing with that guy. At all.

Whether she's carrying twins or a single baby this time around, we're just happy she has a stand-up husband in Cole.

She deserves it, and he deserves her.

As always, you can follow the link and watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of how well Chels is doing for herself these days.

She's teaching a master class in living well, basically.

The bottom line with her is that the best revenge is no revenge at all, only to live life as a respectable role model with a positive outlook.

Not a crazy concept, we know. But it feels like it.

Compared to some of her MTV peers, especially lately? This lead by example approach stands out a lot more than you might think.

Her life is downright mundane and drama-free.

UPDATE, 11/7: The verdict is officially in! 

Are the Teen Mom 2 star and her awesome husband having a boy? A girl? Both?! Two boys or two girls?! She just revealed the answer ...

See Chelsea Houska's gender reveal!

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