Jennifer Lopez: My Bare Ass is Better Than Yours, Kim Kardashian!

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Jennifer Lopez is apparently feeling the thirst, because she shared a very similar Kim Kardashian selfie ... and it's almost copied right to a tee. 

You, of course, remember Kim's post-baby selfie which flaunted a huge ass and a tiny white bodysuit, right?  

Well, here's J Lo's rendition of the photo. 


Jennifer Lopez Butt Selfie Onesie Photo

You know, it's not that we mind seeing these pictures. 

And it's not that there's a problem with a woman "of her age" showing off the good, because she looks better than a lot of 20-year-olds. 

But it's very obviously a rip-off of Kim Kardashian and her body-baring ways, and who even needs that, you know, ever? 

Check out the original Kim pic: 

Kim Kardashian White Bodysuit Butt Selfie Photo

The only real difference between the two pics is that J Lo's on a bed and wearing black, and Kim is standing upright, wearing white. 

Anything else?  

Nah, we didn't think so. 

The photos are even similar in thirst ... making us so parched even on their fame-whoring behalf.  

The thing is, though, J Lo's better than this ... or at least we thought she was. 

J Lo hasn't really been in the news much, aside from Lopez reportedly hooking up with Calvin Harris, as well as old flame Ben Affleck, one-half of the gigantor PR disaster known as "Bennifer." 

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Throwback Photo

Then there was Casper Smart, who Jennifer was unfortunately not "smart" enough to keep away from permanently. 

Smart reportedly cheated on Lopez, and that's why the relationship ended ... though cheating rumors plagued the couple for years.  

It was reported that "She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught."

An insider revealed, "It happened two years ago, and he promised he would never do it again and once he did, she was done."  

"He says he’s changed and that he is a new man but recently, on a video shoot for Wisin in Mexico, he was posting videos with bikini-clad dancers and not acting like a guy trying to remedy old habits."

Old habits die hard or whatever.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart: Grand Opening of Mr. Chow

The source continued, "He was kicked to the curb not because he did not attend a party with J. Lo but because he was caught having parties of his own. No one has time for that, especially J. Lo.”

Well, duh.  

And frankly, even though she's been semi-irrelevant for a little bit now, nobody deserves that ... especially her. 

Lopez has basically been on one hell of a poor publicity bender, and must have taken a page out of the Kardashian Handbook for the Recently Deceased Diseased (sorry, Beetlejuice) in sharing this photo. 

No, girl. 

All sorts of it. 

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