Kylie Jenner and Tyga: Actually Engaged?!

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been dating since long before she reached the legal age of adulthood and it stands to reason that they would be the subjects of countless marriage rumors now that their relationship is entering its third year

We've been hearing about Kylie and Tyga getting engaged since before she was old enough to vote (You better have voted yesterday, girl!), but now it seems like it might actually be going down.

Or Kylie is just messing with us - either way we feel betrayed!

Kylie and Tyga Selfie Pic

As you probably know, Kylie lives on Instagram and Snapchat.

One would think being followed around by a camera crew eight months out of the year would be sufficient in terms of exposure, but Kylie needs more, dammit!

She takes selfies like it's going out style (which it might be) and she busts out Snap stories like if Stephen King were forbidden to write and forced to give the world the same story over and over on a social media app.

Usually these stories and selfies revolve around some boring crap about her lip kits.

Her latest, however, is a freakin' soap opera that either tells a tale of forbidden romance or trolls the hell out of us.

Kylie Jenner Bling Ring Photo

“They don’t know," Kylie captioned the above shot of what appears to be a massive-ass ring on her commitment finger.

Normally we'd be all:

"Daaaaaamn, Kylie is getting married like Duggar-young. Maybe she decided that since America is now in league with Russia, she should probably get hitched to avoid being added to the mail-order bride catalog."

But, Kylie has messed with us before.

Many, many times, in fact.

Kylie Jenner Dresses up as Christina Aguilera Circa Dirrty Picture

She's cried "wolf in search of bridesmaids" so often that we no longer panic when Kylie rocks a rock and left ring finger.

She's realized that it gets a response, and getting a response is her brand.

So we don't blame her, we just hope she realizes she only has a few more times that she can get away with this and have anyone actually care.

Sure she could actually marry Tyga, but that would come with consequences.

For starters, she'd have to be married to Tyga then.

Truly, the darkest timeline...

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