Kylie Jenner to Instagram Followers: You Don't Know Me!

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Kylie Jenner is on the cover of the new issue of AdWeek magazine for some reason, and inside the mag, the Instagram queen shares her views on social media.

Surprisingly, it sounds like Kylie might be on the verge of getting sick of Snapchat and the 'Gram:

Kylie Jenner Covers AdWeek

“You can’t really tell who a person is from, like, an eight-second Snapchat video or an Instagram," she says. "I only post on Instagram or Snapchat what I want people to see, you know?

"But there’s a whole other side to me that people don’t know...I feel like people want to see me have a cool hair color and dress a certain way and have pretty makeup and heels.

"If they were to see me in public, they would expect me to look like that. It’s also fun for me, dressing up. That’s always been me, since day one, but it’s also exhausting for everyday life.”

If you've seen Kylie's racy Instagram photos, you might think that the concept of oversharing doesn't exist in her world, but it seems 18-year-old is very selective about what she posts online:

“There’s a really big part of my life that I don’t share online, and I feel like people think that just because I have a reality TV show and I’m on Snapchat for probably 10 minutes altogether throughout the day, that they know my life," Kylie says.

"But I feel like everybody—every celebrity, at least—keeps a big part of their life super private. Like, I don’t show a lot of my relationships or my ups and downs. I’d never have a fight with someone [on Instagram].”

Interestingly, Kylie says the best thing about her massive online presence is that it's allowed her to spread her anti-bullying message to her millions of young followers:

"Just being a young socialite on the internet, it comes with a lot of bullying and a lot of different opinions that have affected me throughout the years.

"So I just kind of turned to real people with real issues—way bigger issues than me—who are so positive. It just inspires me and I wanted to share it with my fans.”

Good work, Kylie. Now if you could just go ahead and stop referring to yourself as a socialite, that'd be great. Thanks!

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