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According to a controversial report in August, Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter in three years.

Is this really true? We cannot confirm or deny the rumor.

But we can tell the famous actor the following:

Hey, Tom. If you want to get a look at your only child, just scroll down this page!

Katie Holmes in The Big Apple

Indeed, Katie Holmes has taken the unusual step of sharing a photo of little Suri to the world… although she isn’t so little anymore.

Suri turned 10 years old in April, which makes those of us who have been writing about her since her inception feel a whole lot older than that.

To Katie’s credit, she’s done an admirable job of keeping Suri out of the spotlight for the duration of her childhood, especially when you consider all the talk that surrounded her marriage and subsequent divorce from Cruise.

Back in September, Holmes did post THIS PHOTO of her and Suri, but it featured daughter cuddling up to mommy.

You couldn’t really make out Suri’s face.

Now, however, we have our clearest snapshot yet of the precious child, courtesy of Katie’s Instagram account. Here it is:

Suri Cruise is Grown Up

"Strong little girls that will become strong women. Let’s keep fighting to make it a better world for our children," Holmes wrote as a caption to this picture of Suri (on the left) and a friend.

We can only assume the actress felt prompted to share this image and this message in light of Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton to become our next President.

So we guess something good at least came out of that situation.

Suri is so gosh darn cute and so very big!

Overall, Holmes rarely talks about her personal life.

She has seemingly been involved in a serious relationship with Jaimie Foxx for a very long time now, but you won’t see them out and about on many red carpets…

… and good luck getting Katie to actually talk about her rumored boyfriend.

Katie Holmes with Hair Up

Back in 2014, however, Holmes did open up to Glamour the importance of her family, especially after having gone through a divorce from Cruise two years earlier.

"My family has been so crucial to my outlook on life. I started acting at 17 and had success at an early age, where all of a sudden people knew who I was," she told the magazine back then, adding:

"But my parents always treated me the exact same way at home and reminded me of gratitude. And that’s been a grounding force."

As for being a mother?

Holmes did not mince words. She made it very clear that nothing can compare to having a child and raising that child.

"Motherhood is the greatest gift," she said. "When I became a mother, my life completely changed."

You’ve done an amazing job, Katie, under very trying circumstances at times.

We salute you and we wish Suri nothing but the best.