John Mayer Loves This Is Us as Much As You Do

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John Mayer has scarcely been heard from in 2016.

He hasn't released a new album. He hasn't played many live shows. He's scarcely even dated around, with the exception of that rumored Demi Lovato hookup.

But now we know why Mayer has been so quiet:

He's been busy catching up on television!

John Mayer in Concert

Over the weekend, Mayer admitted that he's already obsessed with This Is Us, the tear-jerking new NBC drama that has caused Kleenex sales to sky-rocket around the nation.

"Just saw the first episode of This is Us and I'm hooked. Cryin' and hooked," Mayer wrote on Twitter.

Unashamed and out in the open about his affection for the freshman series, the artist added:

"Not even wiping away tears for the next episodes. Just gonna let the first ones create tracks for a more even, efficient flow."

Those who watch This Is Us online each week can likely agree that this is a good move.

If anything, Mayer will cry even harder during episode two... and then even harder than that during episode three... and so on and so forth.

mayer tweet

Mayer's fandom didn't take long to reach Mandy Moore, who plays 1950s housewife Rebecca Pearson on the popular series.

She took note of the singer's Tweets and responded as follows:

"Glad you're digging it, @JohnMayer," she wrote back.

But that wasn't enough for Mayer. He needed everyone to understand just how much he is digging This Is Us.

Heck, he needs everyone to understand that he may need to invent a new word in order to underscore his feelings about the drama.

"Beyond dig, @TheMandyMoore. I'm about to attempt one of the most emotionally reckless stunts ever: watching an episode ON AN AIRPLANE," he Tweeted.

HA! We've never liked John Mayer more.

Mandy Moore on This Is Us

This Is Us centers around Moore, her TV husband (played by Milo Ventimiglia) and their three children.

It takes viewers into the lives of numerous characters even jumps across numerous decades, while also featuring Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley in key roles.

Oh, and it WILL make you cry. It just will.

Click on the episode below to better understand why:

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