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John Mayer, legendary skeezoid lothario, apparently has his sights set on Demi Lovato, who’s had a rougher than rough few years.

What is it about troubled young women that gets Mayer’s motor running like this?  

We don’t know, but it’s creepy and disturbing as hell. 

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Poor Demi Lovato can barely settle on a hair color for more than a week, and Mayer’s got a racist penis

When you put the two of those together, it’s definitely bad news for everyone involved (and even those who are just simple fans of humanity). 

Us reported that the two were spotted looking terribly chummy at West Hollywood nightclub, Catch L.A. 

If that doesn’t make your breath catch in your throat, it’s probably because you’re already passed out on the floor due to extreme distress. 

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“John had his arm around Demi and was whispering sweet nothings into her ear,” the source revealed. 

“Nothing” is probably a good word for it, because anything that comes out of John Mayer’s mouth – music included – should be filed under “nothing.” 

“She was into it,” the source continued. 

“They weren’t making out or anything, but she was giggling the whole time.”

Seriously? Sick!

Though the mag reported that the two entered separately, and left the same way, that doesn’t mean that John won’t eventually get his way.

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The two reportedly were stuck like glue for more than an hour, and Mayer was said to have dropped one of the corniest lines of all, and said that Demi “has one of the greatest voices.” 

Mayer and Lovato have a history of stroking the other’s ego. 

In 2009, John tweeted something about Demi Lovato and her music and brilliance and blah blah and talent, and Demi returned the favor by calling him her “inspiration” and “idol.” 

Gag us with a pitchfork. 

Later the duo collabed on a song for Demi’s Here We Go Again album, and had more fawning things to say.

“John Mayer’s been a huge influence on me,” she said.

“His songwriting really inspires me.”

“I guess he heard I was a huge fan, and he sent me a letter,” she revealed. 

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Mayer would have been fawning over Lovato when she was 17, and him, 32, so yeah. 

We’d give it a few buffer years before trying to buff Lovato if we were almost double her age at the time of initial contact, too. 

“Then we ended up writing together.”

Well isn’t that a story for the grandkids. 

Now that Lovato is done with Wilmer Valderrama, and Mayer’s … whatever he always is, perhaps the two can collaborate on more than just music. 

Somebody pass the popcorn, yeah?