Jessa Duggar: Criticized For Latest Photo of Baby Spurgeon

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When it comes to Instagram photos of their sons, it seems the Duggar girls just can't do anything right in the eyes of their many fans and followers.

Spurgeon Seewald Instagram Pic

As we know, Jill has been criticized for photos of her 10-month-old that she's posted on social media, for a variety of reasons thus far.

Now apparently it's Jessa's turn, as the 23-year-old new mom is taking some surprising flak for this photo of baby Spurgeon above.


It seems some folks objected to the sight of little Spurge's legs in the above pic, and they made their feelings clear on Jessa's IG page:

"Respect your son's modesty plz," wrote one follower.

Spurgeon Seewald Photo Collage

Another comment featured a more in-depth take on why we should all clutch our pearls in utter horror at the sight of a smiling 4-month-old baby:

"I realize he's a baby and 'most' people post pictures of their kids without pants. However I also know that this is a modest family. Its a value of theirs.

"He is a baby now but one day he will be grown and due to his family he may still have these pictures circulating on the internet when he is 23."

Look, if a kid named Spurgeon Seewald needs a reason to be pissed off at his parents in a couple decades, we don't think he'll need to scroll through their old Instagram posts.

Spurgeon in Overalls

The most shocking thing about these comments isn't the sad reminder that there are some astonishingly moronic people on the Internet.

Rather, it's that people who are looking for Duggar controversies feel like they need to dig this deep.

Seriously not, did these folks not spend any time in a supermarket checkout lane in the past 12 months?

It was not a great year for the Duggar clan!

Anyway, it's becoming clear that interest in this family remains high.

So high that if either Jill or Jessa holds her baby in an improper fashion or takes a photo of the kid near a non-baby-proofed electrical outlet?

She'll hear about it immediately, that's for darn sure.

That level of public scrutiny might be annoying when it comes to social media, but it's a good sign in terms of the girls' efforts to return to television.

In showbiz, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

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