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It’s not all that difficult to hate on Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans.

In fact, she makes it so embarrassingly, depressingly easy.

Jenelle Evans Holds Baby Bump VMAs 2016
(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

She’s done so many awful, or just plain ridiculous things in her life that it would be absolutely impossible to count them all.

Remember when the former 16 & Pregnant star gave up custody of her first son, Jace, so she could smoke weed and party?

Or, just a few weeks ago, when the Carolina Hurricane took her toddler and her own pregnant ass to the beach during an actual hurricane?

Or all those many, many times Jenelle Evans got arrested for being violent, or having drugs? (Or both at the same time, at times).

You get the picture, right?

But sometimes, every now and then, people take the hate too far, they make up new reasons why she’s awful that are mostly harmless.

Jenelle Evans new hair color

This is one of those times.

Jenelle took it upon herself to make a slight change to her hair, as you can see by the before and after photo comparison above.

She lightened up the color a little bit, explaining in the caption that her stylist gave her "some easy low lights and a baby trim."

Evans, 24 (going on 44) also used hashtags to describe the transformation: "healthy hair," "natural hair," and "fresh trim."

And how dare she.

Instead of choosing from the plentiful options that actually exist in reality to criticize Jenelle, fans were all over her for this. Why?

Jenelle Evans, Kids

There are actually a few issues that people are taking with it, most notably that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child.

"Aren’t you supposed to refrain from chemicals during pregnancy?" one of the reality star’s followers pointed out.

Because, see, there’s this belief that a lot of people have that any and all hair dye is completely toxic to a fetus.

It’s been proven wrong, of course – hair dye is fine, pregnant or not – but why give up on some pointless outrage?

So Jenelle was pretty harshly criticized for that.

Jenelle Evans Nude Image

Another issue, apparently, is that the troubled celebrity shouldn’t even have gone to get her hair done in the first place.

Rather, the noisy chorus of critics believes, she should have been taking care of the son she has custody of, Kaiser.

Several people think poorly of Jenelle for putting young Kaiser in daycare when she doesn’t work a normal job.

So, in their estimation, why should she be able to pamper herself when she’s not doing her motherly duties?

These are seriously things that people have been saying about her … and we have to say, it’s pretty baffling.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Waist Training Products

Look, we get it, Jenelle is the worst … she’s given us so many examples of this over the years, we don’t even know where to start.

But the fact that she got some damn low lights?

That’s not one of them. Plenty of things Jenelle does to her body might earn her some legitimate criticism, but not hair coloring products.

And no mom in America is somehow not allowed to go to the hair salon for a few hours because they have kids. That’s absurd.

Can we at least try to get the tiniest bit of a grip here?