Empire Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Did Someone Die?

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Empire is getting crazier by the week and not in a good way. 

On Empire Season 3 Episode 6, the company was hacked, bringing business to a grinding halt and landing the Lyon family in trouble. 

We picked up with Cookie and Angelo being as cute as ever. In fact, Cookie wanted to show Angelo just how much she valued him as her significant other by sending him a nude picture. Little did she know, it was going to be all over the internet soon after. 

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Yes, Empire got hacked and it threw everything into turmoil. Lucious was completely pissed at the prospect of all of his emails becoming common knowledge and started waving baseball bat around. 

Come on, it wouldn't be Lucious if he didn't threaten people with violence. That's sort of the only thing the guy can do to get ahead. It's pretty sad. Right?!

Things went into overdrive when a nude picture of Cookie was released to the masses. Whenever there's a hack, there's always nude pictures not far behind, so Cookie sending pictures of her goods to Angelo at the top of the hour made it pretty predictable that a hack was around the corner. 

Tariq and the FBI showed up at Empire to find out what went on, but Tariq made it clear to Lucious that he would be finding out all of his secrets to use against him. 

The Tariq storyline has been dragged out for too long already. It's time to send it to the scrap heap and be done with it. The board trying to oust Andre from the board was hilarious. Andre knew what to do to get back on their good side and it was to prove they were all as bad as each other. 

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After the picture was released, Cookie broke things off with Angelo because she thought she was hurting his campaign and knew her past would be dredged up. It was a surprisingly good move for her. She put Angelo's feelings before her own. 

There's something about this couple that just works so well. When Angelo was quizzed about splitting up with Cookie, he stripped off on live TV as a vow of solidarity. It was a good gesture, but I do get the feeling he wanted to show off his ripped body to the masses. 

When Lucious and Andre quizzed Tiana about some dude who hacked her phone before, they went to his house and had Shine deal with him. Shine did promise to send Lucious some sort of gift from the body, which was fifty shades of disgusting. 

However, the biggest twist of all came when we got word that Andre Lyon was more like his father than he first realized. He was the one who orchestrated the hack and got someone else to do it, knowing he could swing the blame on the other guy. 

It was a well thought out plan, but I don't think the show needs another Lucious Lyon. This could get old real fast, so we might as well enjoy it before it goes stale. 

Something about these first episodes of Empire Season 3 has felt very off and I hope the writers get it together in the second half of the season. It's time to ditch the guest stars and start telling viewers a coherent story that actually has long-term consequences for the characters. 

Right now, it feels like the slate has been wiped clean from the previous episode and that's not doing anything for the flow of the series. There was a time when Empire was appointment TV, but it's descending into mediocrity and it needs to sort itself out before it is too late. 

Take Jamal's storyline. He seems fine for one episode, then this week he's went completely downhill and overdosed on drugs. The storylines just aren't meshing very well and it needs to be addressed soon. 

Heck, don't even get me started on everyone being on good terms with Anika. Yes, the woman who murdered Rhonda Lyon.

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