Photo of Young Joe Biden Moistens Internet

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Joe Biden. The man. The myth. The meme.

You may have noticed Big Joey B making a lot of appearances on your social media pages lately, and no, it's not because he just got out of a long term relationship.

Well, unless you count his eight-year partnership with President Obama as a relationship.

Obama-Biden Pic

No, Joe-Bides isn't online trolling for female companionship.

Rather, like Harambe before him, the 47th Vice President of the United States has attained a sort of Meme God status. 

Although as a newly-circulated photo of a young Joey Bag O' Doughnuts proves, if he did choose to steal your girl, he would do it sop fast that a your girl-shaped cloud of smoke would linger for several minutes, like in cartoons:

Young Joe Biden Photo

Biden memes have been all the rage the last couple weeks, but for the most part, they've consisted of Biden hilariously pranking the man who's soon to be the new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Donald Trump.

Of course, that would be a futile effort, as Trump is the master prankster and it's only a matter of time before he removes his orange fright mask to reveal a Heath Ledger Joker rictus and ask the world why we're all so seriously, folks...

...but anyway, the memes are funny.

Sexy Young Joe is the latest, and rather than cracking you up, he's more focused on lovin' you down.

The one above has been the most popular, but several images of young Joey B have made their way around the web in recent weeks.

Joe Biden Throwback Photo

Naturally, there have been jokes, which is good, because jokes are exactly what this country needs with now.

Unfortunately, most of the jokes have been some variation on "Joe Biden would text your girl at 2:30 am," or "Joe Biden could leave me on 'read' for 7 hours and I'd still text him back the second he responded" because #Millennials.

How about, "Joe Biden wishes you would've put down your damn phone for 10 minutes to go and vote last week"?!

Is that "dank" enough for you precious snowflakes?!

We're sorry.

We're all dealing with this week in our own way.

But seriously, what did Trump have to do to get you to pay attention? Outlaw posting photos of your own butt to Instagram?!

Sigh. Sorry, sorry.

We'll be ourselves again soon.

In the meantime, continue posting photos of your own butts on Instagram.

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