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In the two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, the reality television star-turned political neophyte has done little to assure the millions who are concerned about his temperamental instability or his impractical and incendiary campaign promises that he is in fact prepared to assume the highest office in American politics.

In fact, the only time Trump made the slightest effort to convince those who didn’t vote for him that he still has their best interests at heart was during an interview with 60 Minutes, in which he half-heartedly called for his more extremist followers to stop engaging in race-based intimidation.

Donald Trump in Reno

Other than that, Trump has shown little to know concern with regard to hate crimes committed in his name; he appointed a man with ties to the White Nationalist movement as his chief strategist; and he’s engaged in petty online feuds with the casts of SNL and Hamilton, despite the fact that his thin-skinned inability to withstand criticism has frequently led to doubts about his ability to lead.

On top of all that, his administration is still grappling with several disconcerting legal matters, such as Trump’s recent settlement of a $25 million fraud suit (despite promises to fight the charges in court); his charitable foundation’s admission of unethical and possibly illegal self-dealing in a 2015 tax filing; and concerns that Trump is already in violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

Candidate Trump promised Americans a more "presidential" Trump in the event that he should win the election.

With less than two months remaining until Inauguration Day, he has yet to deliver.

Donald Trumped Up
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Now, an unexpected group of powerful protesters is making a last-ditch attempt to block Trump from assuming office.

While their efforts may prove too little, too late, they may also save future generations from demagogues seeking to con their way into public office.

According to the New York Post, at least six Democrats on the Electoral College are prepared to serve as "faithless electors" and abandon Hillary Clinton in order to vote for Republican candidates other than Trump.

There hope is that GOP electors will follow suit, thus costing Trump the 270 votes he needs to secure the White House, and sending the decision of who will be our next president to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Donald Trump: I Rule!

As you’re probably, aware Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 1.7 million votes, with several million more yet to be counted, most of them in Democratic strongholds, such as California.

The Democratic electors looking to block Trump have embarked on a quixotic mission, as it seems highly unlikely that they’ll be able to convince 37 of their GOP counterparts to jump ship and send the nation into an even worse state of political upheaval.

However, their efforts may bring attention to the problematic nature of the Electoral College, eventually leading to crucial reforms or even its abolishment.

“Reform going forward has a better chance of succeeding than this effort,” Kermit Roosevelt, a professor at University of Pennsylvania Law School, told The Post.

“Most people do think if you get more votes you should win the election.”

President-elect Trump has yet to respond to news of this latest effort to block him from office.

We imagine he’ll eventually share his views in a terse, 140-character statement to the American people.