Counting On Recap: Jinger Duggar Gets Married!! Joy-Anna Duggar is Courting!

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On Counting On Season 3 Episode 11, Jinger Duggar's wedding finally arrived, but where there any uninvited guests, or other surprises?

What did we learn from this special, behind-the-scenes TV event?

If you watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online, you will see that as Jeremy and his friends got ready for the ceremony, something was amiss.

Or missing, to be more accurate.

Some were lacking items from their suits, making you wonder if they don't get dressed for a wedding every day or something. Geez!

In any event, by the time the group photos were taken, everyone was dressed, and handsome, and love was in the air on this afternoon.

The former soccer star called it "a dream come true" that his father, who called it "one of the greatest joys," was officiating the wedding.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

As Jeremy and Jinger got ready, they passed notes back and forth via the younger kids. No texting. Old fashioned hand-written notes.

Of course, Jim Bob is probably on the duo's group texts anyway, so in a way going retro and cutting him out is also very futuristic. Ironic.

Anyway, Michelle predicted that Jim Bob, for all his flaws and often-deserved criticism, was a softie who would cry at Jinger's wedding.

She was correct.

Within seconds of seeing Jinger, Jim Bob teared up. "You're so beautiful," he said to his daughter, who proceeded to walk down the aisle.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

In a quiet moment, they prayed, and Jinger gave her dad - the central figure in her life until now - a handkerchief with a message on it.

"You are the first man that I ever loved. Know that when you give me away today, I will always be your little girl," it read, very sweetly.

Jeremy was already crying himself.

During the ceremony, they lit the unity candle, then ended things with passionate kiss. Per Duggar courtship rules, it was their first ever.

"I was just blown away by how beautiful and gorgeous and majestic she was ... is!" Jeremy said, while his new wife gushed over him:

"I was just so overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness, and I just could not wait to be his wife. First kiss was amazing. Right on!" 

Right. On.

Meanwhile, in other news, Joy-Anna Duggar is courting! The 19-year-old revealed that she is indeed in a relationship with Austin Forsyth.

"I'm Joy Duggar, and this is my friend Austin," she reported from a scenic mountain vista, introducing her new boyfriend to the masses.

"And I just asked Joy to enter a courtship with me," Austin added.

"And I said yes!" Joy responded, and it seems like a good fit.

The two have already "known each other for about 15 years," and he chose this location specifically to begin a courtship with her there.

They're both "excited to take the next step."

We're all excited to see where it goes.

We're also wondering, as we always do ...

Why isn't Jana Duggar courting instead? Is she being stonewalled by Jim Bob and Michelle because they need her to take care of their kids?

Is she really just not interested in it and making it a priority? Or just waiting for Mr. Right? Or forever turned off by Josh Duggar's infidelity? 

So many questions.

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