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Hard to believe, but it’s been a full year since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner called it quits on their 10-year marriage.

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Usually by this point, the custody agreements and division of property would be done deals, and Ben and Jen could peacefully go about half-heartedly pretending they don’t hate one another in interviews.

But the Affleck’s case is a strange one, as neither party seems eager to pull the trigger and file for divorce, or get back together and give the whole marriage thing another whirl.

In the months following their separation, Ben and Jen were seen together often and insiders say they even attended marriage counseling sessions as a couple.

But despite countless reports that an official reconciliation was just around the corner, the couple never made any such announcement.

Now, several outlets are reporting that Garner’s dad has taken care of that step for them.

It all started when Ben accompanied Jen to her parents’ home in West Virginia to help her family recover the devastating flooding that’s decimated much of the state.

Radar Online contacted Jen’s dad, Bill Garner, who used evasive terms when speaking with the site about his daughter’s marriage:

“I would prefer not to comment on her plans. Any news will come from her and not from us,” Garner said in an interview.

“They do well, and we think that their heads are screwed on pretty well.”

Hardly the wholesale confirmation it’s been made out to be.

Still, the fact that Ben made the trip along to WV along with the coy way Jen’s dad talks about the marriage may add up to something.

Or we may just be in for another year of trying to figure out what the hell is going on between these two.

Either way, happy separation anniversary, you crazy kids!