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It’s been over a year since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner separated, and at the time they announced their split, few would’ve guessed that the estranged couple would go this long without either party filing for divorce.

Surprised Ben Affleck
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After all, rumors about Affleck and Garner divorcing circulated for several months before the actors made it official, and most insiders maintained that Jen had ample reason for wanting out.

And yet 14 months later, no papers have been filed.

Even more strange is the fact that Ben and Jen have been photographed together on numerous occasions since calling it quits on their marriage.

So what gives?

Well, accounts vary, but several sources maintain that shortly after agreeing to separate, both parties decided they wanted to give their marriage another shot.

Or at least they did.

Jennifer Garner Life & Style Cover Photo
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According to Life & Style, Garner is planning to (finally) legally end her marriage after finally getting fed up with Affleck’s behavior.

It seems the final straw came earlier this month:

The tabloid claims that Garner and her kids went to “all out” for Affleck’s recent 44th birthday, decorating their backyard for a party and preparing his favorite dinner.

Affleck reportedly never showed and blamed his absence on a work commitment.

“She got in touch with her attorneys,” a source tells the mag.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner leave Tavern in Brentwood
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“She’s absolutely done with giving him any more chances. She’s getting revenge on Ben by going through with the divorce and moving on with her life.”

The supposed insider added that Garner “wants Ben out of the house” and has informed that she’s “decided to finally file divorce papers.”

Hmmm. We don’t want to say for certain that this story isn’t true, but there are some major holes in it.

Not the least of which is that it’s already been widely reported that Affleck spent his birthday in Montana, camping with Garner and the couple’s three children.

So, the whole … well, pretty much everything about Life & Style‘s version rings false.

Our apologies if you’re just now learning that you can’t always trust tabloids.