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Amber Portwood has had her share of ups and downs in the past year.

On top of to struggling with the usual criticism from Teen Mom fans who take issue with her parenting choices, Amber has taken additional flak for her decision to marry Matt Baier, and for her yo-yo-ing weight.

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo

Amber has defended deadbeat dad Baier on multiple occasions, and now, in a very lengthy Instagram tirade, she’s going off on haters who see fit to comment on her physique.

Amber begins with "first of all," which you know is a sure sign that someone is about to go off:

“So, first of all this body shaming going on on my Twitter and stuff like that, get the f–k off my Twitter first of all. Second of all, everybody wants to talk about my plastic surgery.

"Okay, let’s make it clear what happened. So I lost 40 pounds by myself and I gained it back because I was diagnosed with borderline personality, got on a certain medication and almost gained all my weight back."

She added:

Amber Portwood blond

"So then I tried to lose it again, couldn’t, lost a little bit more but my body did not look right okay? 

"Cause from gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, my body was not looking right plus having a baby, the bottom of my stomach everything, blah blah blah…”

The procedure she’s referring to her is the "mommy makeover" Amber underwent last month.

That’s become a sort of general, catch-all term for when a mother undergoes any sort of plastic surgery.

In Amber’s case, it sounds as though she had some excess skin removed.

Amber and Matt

She explains:

"That I explain myself to you people but obviously I guess I do because you’re ignorant. So what I did was I went and got something called a mommy makeover without the tummy tuck.

"I didn’t touch my face, I fixed my body for me not for you, for me.

"So people saying I went and got all this liposuction, no I didn’t get liposuction to be skinny cause I don’t need to be skinny, I need to be me I got my curves back from what I look like. I’ve never been really skinny, only if I was on drugs I was really skinny."

Amber goes on to discuss her love for her own shape and her decision to use plastic surgery as a means of accentuating, not changing, her natural figure:

Amber Portwood Teen Mom OG Pic

"I’ve always been a curvy woman so now I got my curves back, that’s all I wanted. That’s it.

"So I didn’t do it to become a skinny woman, I simply did it because I needed a little lift and a little bit of this a little bit of that because of losing weight gaining weight losing weight, plus having a baby at a young age.

"So everybody that’s shaming me for my body, you’re talking about most of America right now. So go on, go do something with yourself. Another thing is…”

Amber, of course, is not the first Teen Mom to speak openly her cosmetic procedures.

Just last week, Kailyn Lowry defended her plastic surgeries in an excerpt from her new memoir.

It’s good that the ladies aren’t shying about admitting to what work they’ve had done and explaining the reasons behind their decision.

But hopefully, we’ll eventually reach a point as a society where they don’t have to.