Amber Portwood Speaks From Jail: I Am Not Normal!

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Troubled Teen Mom cast member Amber Portwood stated the obvious in a statement from jail in which she said she is not normal - and needs to grow up.

Two weeks after the Teen Mom finale, she issued remarks from prison to coincide with the eunion special that aired Tuesday night on MTV with Dr. Drew.

In it, she talked about how she "got lost" in drugs and alcohol.

Amber Portwood, now serving a five-year sentence, writes:

Amber Portwood in Jail

"Right now I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life. I guess I just got lost. I went to jail because I had an addiction to opiates."

"You live and you learn and that's what's real. "It was time for me to stop partying and realize that even though I'm 21, I'm not a normal 21-year-old."

"I'm a mother. I have to grow up quicker and start acting like a mother."

No arguments here, even though Portwood's voluntarily decision to serve out a five-year term in jail rather than comply with a court-ordered drug program is dubious.

After violating her probation stemming from a December 2011 arrest for drug possession, Amber's behind bars for a LONG time, but says it's for the best.

"My No. 1 priority right now in life is dedicating my life to being sober, to being a sober person," she writes, adding that she's doing it for Leah, 3.

"[I want] to show my daughter that people make mistakes but you can always come back. If Leah learns anything from me she should see how becoming a teen mom can change you. How everything is postponed," Portwood said.

She also hopes people learn from her mistakes.

"We made the show for a reason...some decisions change your whole life. If you don't want to take responsibility and use protection, don't have sex."

"One night can change your whole life into a sad story," noted Portwood, adding that the "mean person" viewers see on Teen Mom is far from reality.

"I want to show everybody I can do it and can start living a straight life and getting my family back in order," she concluded, and we wish her the best.

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