Ivanka Trump: I Want to See a Mulatto C--k!

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Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka: the crabapple apparently doesn't fall too far from the rotted-ass tree. 

Just when you thought the Trump family scandals couldn't get lewder or cruder, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti revealed that Ivanka's not the genteel socialite she pretends to be. 

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It all began with a tweet. 

Peretti fired off, "[I'm] surprised Ivanka would be shocked by lewd language." 

"I met her once and she casually said, 'I've never seen a mulatto c--k, but I'd like to!" 

He was of course, referring to Ivanka's statement about her father's unearthed Billy Bush interview

At Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, the female Trump said, "That's not language consistent with any conversation I've had with him."

"Or any conversation I've overheard," she added.

"So it was a bit jarring for me to hear."  

Donald Trump, Fist Raised

However, BuzzFeed's CEO expounded on his tweet shortly after condemning the presidential candidate's daughter for the same behavior exhibited by her father. 

In a meeting several years prior, Peretti claimed that he'd first met Ivanka in a bar in NYC, as she showed up with a mutual friend. 

"She ... said she had never seen an uncircumcised c--k and then she said, 'I've never seen a mulatto c--k.' "

Peretti said that Ivanka qualified, and said, "'[Furthermore], there's lots of c--ks I've never seen,' or something like that." 

"Of course," he continued, "just because of the use of the lewd [and racist] language." 

"It was also memorable being in the environment of ... New York." 

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"Sometimes liberal and progressive people make comments meant as jokes and not necessarily [in] earnest," he said. 

"I didn't know how to take it." 

When pressed as to why he sat on the quote for so long, Peretti revealed that his personal conversations are just that - personal. 

However, in light of recent events, he felt compelled to bring Ivanka's hypocrisy - a hereditary trait, apparently - to light. 

He said, "I have conversations with people all the time and I never share things said in private."

Ivanka Trump Unfiltered

"I only shared this because I read the article and it felt like that experience was relevant." 

A rep for Ivanka spat back, "What a little man and a disgraceful liar to smear Ivanka Trump like this." 

"It shows just how far the media will go to tear down Mr. Trump's family, and we demand an apology." 

Don't hold your breath, Trump family. 

Or, you know, do. 

Racist garbage surely stinks to high heaven; we'd understand. 

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