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This is what we in the business call "rich."

But not in the sense with which Donald Trump and Melania Trump are familiar with that word.

The aspiring First Lady sat down this week for her first pair of interviews since a certain scandalous video was made public by The Washington Post a couple weeks ago.

Melania Trump Close Up

First, in a discussion with Anderson Cooper that will air on CNN tonight, Trump acknowledged that her husband said some terrible things on that 2005 video.

But she also pointed the finger of blame at the other person featured in the footage: Billy Bush.

“As you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on – it was only a mic. And I wonder if they even knew that the mic was on,” Melania Trump told Cooper, which is an odd comment.

Of course neither Bush nor Trump knew the microphones were on.

From there, Melania referred to the the conversation between Donald and Bush as “boy talk," adding that Trump was “egged on” by Bush “to say dirty and bad stuff.”

Does she really believe that, Cooper asked?

Yes, Trump replied.

You can go ahead and watch the tape for yourself.

Does Bush egg Trump on? Absolutely.

Is that the reason Trump says nasty comments about how a "star" can do "anything" to a woman, such as "grab" her" pussy? Of course not.

Not to sound like a third-grader, but Donald most definitely started it.

“That’s why I was surprised, because I said like I don’t know that person that would talk that way, and that he would say that kind of stuff in private,” Melania said, adding:

"I heard many different stuff – boys talk.

"The boys, the way they talk when they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, ‘Oh, this and that’ and talking about the girls. But yes, I was surprised, of course."

Sources said that Melania refused to make a public appearance with Trump the night this video went viral.

That’s what led to the following apology by The Donald, who was sitting by himself at the time:

The Hollywood Gossip

In the notorious video, Donald Trump tells Bush that he tried to “f-ck” former Access Hollywood cohost Nancy O’Dell, while also bragging that he can grab women “by the pussyy” because of his fame.

He had been married to Melania for several months when the tape was recorded.

During an interview with Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt, which will air Tuesday morning, Melania said the Presidential candidate had apologized to her for the incident.

“I accept his apology. And we are moving on,” she said.

"This is not the man that I know…. we could see, as I always said, as my husband said, as well, for a successful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer to achieving so much in his life, being in so many shows, so many tapes, it’s very hard to run for public office.

"And he did this anyway. He said, I want to help American people. I want to keep America safe.”

Melania Trump on Fox News
(Fox News)

As for her husband and his team now digging into Bill Clinton’s history of womanizing and alleged sexual assault?

Melania is cool with it.

“Well, if they bring up my past, why not?” She said.

“They’re asking for it. They started. They started from the – from the beginning of the campaign putting my – my picture from modeling days. That was my modeling days and I’m proud what I did. I worked very hard.”

Melania Trump’s interview with Cooper airs at 8/7c on CNN.

Her Fox & Friends interview will air on Tuesday’s show, which begins at 6/5c on Fox News.

Melania Trump Close Up