Brad Pitt, Maddox Finally Meet Amid Angelina Jolie Divorce, Abuse Allegations

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Brad Pitt and son Maddox's feud has finally gone from flame to smolder? 

That's what it sounds like, as TMZ reported at 1 AM PST that the two met up - face-to-face - in their first meeting since abuse allegations emerged, stemming from the airspace incident prior to Brad's divorce from Angelina Jolie.

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Despite reports that Maddox bailed on the first opportunity to reunite with his estranged dad, TMZ confirmed that the two unceremoniously gathered together.

They also met with Angelina Jolie, along with a therapist, present. 

TMZ reported that though Pitt has been able to meet with the former couple's five other children, meeting with Maddox was a "turning point." 

Sources purportedly close to Angelina Jolie claimed that though she still wants the divorce finalized, she wants their family to "function" as it had.

At least in the sense of having a "fully involved father and mother." 

As of yesterday, all signs indicated that Maddox had no interest in facing off with his father, who was accused of abuse. 

During their first scheduled meet-up, sources revealed that Maddox "chose not to go," and stayed home, where he's living with Angelina and the rest of the Brangelina brood. 

Maddox was adopted by Angelina even before she and Brad were a thing, and the source alleged that Maddox just doesn't see Brad as anything more than a stepfather. 

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Pitt bailed on taking his other boys to a Sublime/Offspring concert due to security concerns. 

Brad Pitt and Son Maddox Picture

The kids were reportedly "crushed" that their father reneged on his promise at the last minute. 

"[He] disappointed his older boys this [past] weekend when he was unable to take them to see their favorite [bands]."

"[This left the boys] absolutely crushed." 

It was only last week that Pitt was able to officially meet with the children, and sources claimed that the reunion was "gut-wrenching." 

Brangelina, Kids Pic

Sources said that the visit was supervised, and that "[Pitt] had tears in his eyes and tried to hold it together" for the sake of the children.  

The visit wasn't all smiles and happy dispositions, as Brad wasn't the only tearful one. 

It was reported that both Zahara and Vivienne were "distraught." 

Though the child services investigation is all but wrapped up, and the FBI's interest in the case seems to be dwindling, this can't be an easy road for Brad. 

Especially when his soon-to-be ex-wife seems like she's embarking on a smear campaign to take down the beloved actor, humanitarian, and father as quickly as possible. 

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