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On Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 11, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier attempted to squash the latest tabloid rumors about them.

That proved easier said than done, however.

Watch Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 11 Online
Watch Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 11 Online

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, or even if you don’t, you’re likely aware that Amber and Matt are constantly under scrutiny in life.

Well, that was apparent this week as Matt Baier got a call from one of his friends who told him there is a story going around that Amber.

Specifically, that Amber Portwood suffered a miscarriage due to issues with drugs. Amber, shocked by the news, denies the accusations.

Matt, whose past needs no introduction at this point, says he doesn’t care if the tabloids gossip about him, but is worried about Amber.

After they reach out to Dr. Drew Pinsky and agree to go on his show to address the allegations, Matt got a call from his 25-year-old son.

Chris Baier isn’t getting along with his girlfriend and is finding it difficult to stay sober, so Matt arranged for them to meet in Los Angeles.

Matt Baier: I'm Not A Deadbeat Dad! I Just Wasn't Around!

Despite rumors that Matt Baier is a deadbeat, Chris says Matt was never “awful” to him growing up and that the media has it out for Matt.

Much as this appears to be contrived PR for Matt and Amber, Dr. Drew believes her story and offers her – and Chris – all of his support.

In Tennessee, Dad and Stepdad of the Year Taylor McKinney pulls Maci’s son Bentley aside to discuss plans for his mother’s birthday.

Seriously, the guy is the sweetest.

Bentley and Taylor hatch a big plan to send Maci to her to friend Keelie’s house with a letter saying to come home when they’re ready.

When Maci arrives home, Taylor and the kids surprise her with cupcakes and balloons. If only every father went to that kind of effort!

Cue the inevitable segue …

Taylor McKinney Explains His Relationship with Bentley

Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards, is only in contact with Maci during filming, she reveals, even with Bentley about to start second grade.

Dude is MIA more often than not, but he did text her to wish Bentley a good day early on the first day of school, though, so that’s something?

By Ryan Edwards standards at least?

Down in Texas, Farrah Abraham went off on Kiana, her FroCo employee, accusing the employee of having a terrible “know it all” attitude.

Pot … have you met kettle recently?!

Despite her father’s warnings to be professional. Farrah vows to put the young girl on a form of probation due to her “horrible choices.”

Here’s how that played out …

Later on, Farrah tells Sophia that she had to can one of her workers; Sophia is happy about the news and the new vibe in Froco. Really.

Abraham tells her daughter that when Sophia has to fire people from her own businesses, “keep calm” because fired people act “hostile.”

Words to live by right there.

Finally, Butch is back in jail, which makes Teen Mom Season 3 Episode 11 really sad for Tyler Baliterra, as his dad marked a year of freedom.

These days, the cast members are famous enough that we know what happens in their lives before it airs, making this ironic and bittersweet.

Butch, seeing a counselor and still on probation, has never been out of prison and clean this long, Tyler says, and the two are close.

So much for that.

Catelynn Lowell: My Mental Illness Truth

At the party they throw for Butch, the troubled ex-con got all choked up as his family gushed about how far he’s come in the past year.

It was emotional.

Sad that we know Butch’s troubles are ongoing, rather than in the past, but still sweet to see the bond between father and son isn’t broken.

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell is still struggling with anxiety and depression, and Tyler is struggling with … saying not so nice things to her.

Yes, Tyler is seeing a therapist to work on how to hold his tongue or use it to say more supportive things than calling his wife a heifer.

Why one needs a therapist to achieve that, we can’t say, but give him credit for recognizing shortcomings he’s had and working on it.

Catelynn and Tyler Argue Over Catelynn's Depression (Again)