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We’re not sure what to make of this.

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Teen Mom OG‘s Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier were reportedly expecting a baby, but Portwood had a miscarriage.

According to Teen Mom Daily, a lawyer associated with the series leaked the story, and that’s not all:

The report claims Amber Portwood’s miscarriage was a direct result of the 26-year-old’s issues with substance abuse.

"The lawyer says a prescription drug addiction is the cause of the miscarriage," the site reports.

"He also says Matt has been treating Amber horribly ever since it happened although he is the one who enables her problems."

Amber hasn’t addressed the report, but did post a quote from Marilyn Monroe on Instagram:

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Additionally, it’s not clear if Amber is staying silent because the story isn’t true, or if she’s waiting for it to emerge on MTV.

The sixth season of Teen Mom OG is scheduled to premiere August 22, and that would certainly make for a compelling storyline.

It’s also interesting in light of reports that Matt Baier fathered as many as eight children by six different women in past decades.

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If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that Amber went to jail for 17 months back in 2012 for drug and domestic violence charges.

Her former fiance, Gary Shirley, took care of their daughter, Leah, during that year and a half she spent locked up.

At the time, a judge gave Amber the option to check into rehab.

However, the Indiana native controversially declined, knowing that if she didn’t serve time and fix herself, she would be in trouble.

"The only thing I could see happening to me if I [hadn’t gone] to prison is I would have died," Amber told People after her release.

"I would have overdosed. When you’re an addict you know what your bottom is."

Her time behind bars was the most effective way to push the reality star to get her life together.

"The whole time I was in there I worked my ass off," Amber explained.

"There were hundreds of hours of drug addiction classes."

"I did extra classes, parenting and anger management and even started teaching."

"I put myself in there for a reason so I didn’t want to make it a waste."

To her unyielding credit, it appears to have been a positive period in her life overall. Since getting out, she’s been clean as a whistle.

While fans worry about her relationship with Baier – for legitimate reasons, at least in part – Portwood has been nothing but positive.

The way she and Gary have worked out their differences (even involving Baier) to put Leah first has been admirable to say the least.

Gary clearly doesn’t like Matt – again, for good reason – but has always made it about Leah, and not a personal vendetta against his ex.

Time will tell if these two can continue on a positive trajectory, and whether this miscarriage (if real) takes an emotional toll on Amber.

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on August 22 at 9pm.