Teen Mom 2: Did Kailyn Lowry Just Confirm Series Is Ending?!

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It seems like Teen Mom 2 could really be coming to a conclusion on MTV. 

The TV show that made Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska household names is heading into Season 8, but Kailyn has now added her two cents about what will become of the show. She seems to think it's ending.

Kailyn's new book, "Hustle and Heart" is scheduled to be released on November 22. 

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In preparation for the book being released, the publisher has released excerpts from it to promote it. 

One of the excerpts seem to all but confirm Teen Mom 2 is ending. 

Check out an excerpt from the book below:

When we set long-term goals, we have no way of knowing how those goals will fit into our lives years down the line. When I had a child at age seventeen, I made it my mission to defy everyone’s expectations and rise above the statistics and stigmas that are stacked against me. Since 2010 I’ve been on TV, and my struggles have been my identity.

Now, especially with the show coming to an end, it’s time for my accomplishments to stand out. I want to show everyone that even though I grew up like white trash and got knocked up at seventeen, I can get a Bachelor’s degree and raise children who blow people away with their manners, wit and intelligence.

Now, the book definitely does state that the show is coming to an end.

That would suggest the show is concluding pretty damn soon. 

The crazy thing about all of it is that MTV has yet to release any sort of information regarding the show ending. 

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Ratings for the show are way higher than most shows on the network, so it's difficult to imagine MTV wanting to get rid of it. 

However, it's pretty odd that Kailyn would be throwing around words stating that the series is ending in her latest tell-all book. 

It's not like the other cast members have been saying the same. 

With that in mind, there is a lot of story left to tell for the ladies. 

Chelsea Houska is very much pregnant right now with her first child to Cole DeBoer and she's also pretty married. 

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer Wedding Pic

Leah Messer is still trying to turn her life around, but if they show that on the next season of the show, it would kind of make future seasons pointless. 

Finally, Jenelle Evans continues to be Jenelle Evans and has only further proven that she's deranged in recent months. 

Maybe the producers realized how crazy she was when she took her kid to the beach during a hurricane.

Yes, no one is forgetting that any time soon. 

Leah and Jenelle have taken issue in the way the MTV series is edited in the past.

Might they have finally plucked up the courage to quit the show that's probably making them a lot of money?

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

We'll not know until anyone confirms it, but we're taking Kailyn's book excerpt with a pinch of salt. 

Would she really have fabricated that little detail to sell more copies of her book?

What do you think about all of this?

Is it time for the show to end?

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