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OK, so this is kind of a "good news, bad news" situation.

The good news: Hilary Duff and her personal trainer/boyfriend, Jason Walsh, made their very first public appearance last night!

The bad news: the appearance was at a Halloween party and their costumes were, to many, many people, horrifically offensive and wrong.

Hilary Duff Jason Walsh Halloween photo

Heaven help us all.

So that’s Hilary dressed up as a sexy pilgrim and Jason dressed up as an angry Native American.

And to say that people didn’t like the costumes would pretty much be the understatement of the year.

One person advised Hilary that "When you’re thinking of what you should be for Halloween the answer should never be #CulturalAppropriation. That was terrible."

"In 2016," another wrote, "you and your boyfriend don’t know how inappropriate it is to dress up that way? I guess it’s always fun to show how racist you are."

One fan pointed out that "Your boyfriend’s Native ‘costume’ is racist. Learn your history, Native Americans have endured genocide and broken treaties and still face racism every day."

Hilary Duff Jason Walsh Halloween pic

"This costume is not ok. The pilgrims came over and massacred an entire population of native people. This costume is ignorant and not appropriate."

"How did either of you think wearing that was appropriate? there’s new excuse to remain ignorant about this, so you both had to know how incredible offensive it would be. You just DGAF, I guess. I’m just so disgusted."

"Girl … this was ignorance, plain and simple."

And, well, these people aren’t wrong.

Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh

People are also pointing out that this is an incredibly insensitive time to put on these atrocious costumes, considering the ongoing protests concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"Horrible choice, especially with all that is going on," one follower told her, adding a "No DAPL" hashtag.

Still others took issue with this photo that Hilary shared on Instagram:

Hilary Duff Halloween pic

"Sooooo the fake gun for my pilgrim costume came," she captioned it. "Don’t think it’s quite big enough."

Apparently some people think that guns should have no part at all in Halloween costumes, no matter how fake or small they may be.

"Fake GUN?!" someone wrote. "U shouldn’t include GUNS with ur costume even if it’s FAKE."

Hilary just can’t win for losing, huh?